Friday, February 29, 2008

Better day

Well since Tuesday I have taken it fairly easy. I didn't go to the gym at all this week. It looks like bowling two days in a row is still too much exercise for me but bowling and the gym is ok. I think it is too much cardiac all at once still. I did call Toronto but didn't really get any answers so I will make a list and get everything settled on the 18 of March.

Tomorrow I have to go put the stuff together for the Province for cookies shall be interesting.

I have gotten almost the whole front well 3/4 at least of my biscornu done now.

Well heading to bed now.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Not a good day

Ok I am trying to be positive here but I think this is the beginning of the end for me. Today I have been out of rhythm twice. Not a good sign. The first time was a short time but this last time I have been out for 90 minutes already. My drugs didn't do much. I am thinking about taking more to see if that will do anything. I might have to go to MAC tomorrow and get an EKG done just to see what is going on. I had two days in a row last week where I was out of rhythm and now today. Hopefully this is will not continue much longer. I don't want to call Toronto yet as I go see him in 3 weeks. Wednesday will be 6 weeks since I have had the Ablation.

I am going to stay as positive as possible adn try not to let this get me down. I have had not a bad 5 1/2 weeks as far as arrhythmias. Yes I have had a few but nothing like before. I know what the answer will be if I call Downar hence the reason I am trying to hold off.

Busy weekend

Well this past weekend was busy. We had Steven's birthday party on Saturday night. His birthday is actually today. He turn's 16. That was nice to have most of the family together.

Then on Sunday mom and I had a bowling tournament. It was the Triples round. My scores were not bad 159, 146, 164. They were good enough to help get my team to 3rd place. Only the top 2 teams move on but I would think any replacements would come from the 3rd place team. So I might still have a chance will just have to wait and see.

This is a WIP that I have on the go.

This is the Breast Cancer Biscornu that I am trying to do. I am finding it very difficult to do. I have ripped it out about 4 times now. Havign troubles counting to make sure it is right. I am determined to get it finished properly though.

This was take on Feb 16 by Mackenzie. She was sitting across the table from me at her birthday party. Not a very good picture I must admit but when the flash is only 2 feet from your face not much is a good picture. Oh well she liked it.

Well it is off to work on my evenlope and have a rest for bowling again tonight. Untill later.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pretty good day

Well these last few days have been pretty good. I really haven't had alot of arrhythmia issues which is good. It has been 5 weeks since my procedure and I am hitting the gym regularly. Plus I have lost almost 4 pounds since coming home from the hospital. I am starting to feel better and do the things I want to do. Things that I used to be able to do which really makes me feel good. I hope that by the time I have my stress test at the end of April I will have lost more weight and kept is off and have built up my strength and stamina imensely.

Today I was working on my biscornu and have almost half the front squared off. It is taking alittle longer than I had hoped but I really haven't had alot of time to sit and work on it. I still have to figure out how to get the Heat 'n Bond of my envelope.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

One day at a time

Well I am learning to take things one day at a time. My workouts at the gym are getting easier which is good means I am getting stronger and can increase them some. Still don't want to push too hard and run into problems but need to challenge myself too. Can't get lax cause in 2 months I have my stress test. Need to build up my strength for that.

I have to think of how I can get Heat N' Bond of my cross stitch project that Iput it on. The only reason it needs to come off is cause IT IS ON THE WRONG SIDE. Idiot here wasn't paying attention when she was putting it together. Not very smart I know. I don't want to throw it away if Idon't have to.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New beginings

Tonight I started a new cross stitch project. It is the Breast Cancer Biscornu (pin cushion). I will make this one for Nancy. That way she has somewhere to put her pins and such when we are at a craft show. Or what ever she wants. I am hopeing that they are not too hard to make cause I would like to make one for Martha before I see her in a month. I will just change the colors and a few of the words and symbols and I should be set. I gave up on my bells that I was doing made too many mistakes cause I was not really interested in doing it. I will finish it after I do my pin cushion.

I signed up on a new cross stitch message board yesterday. I haven't really participated much yet. I am still just reading the messages to see if it is really a group for me. I still am on CSF but haven't been as active there as I should be or would like to be. Just don't have the total interest to post or read the messages right at the moment. I would rather be stitching and working out at the gym (even though my arms are killing me).

I have been trying to make an consentrated effort to go to the gym twice a week now. Last week I wasn't feeling to great so I only made it once. I don't want to push myself too hard and end up in the hospital with more arrhythmia problems. But I also can't go on and baby myself for ever either. If I keep doing that then I will never advance in my weight loss or building muscle. I am not saying I want ripped abs or anything but no rolls would be nice. I would like to try and get down to about 120 pounds buy January 1, 2009. I order for me to do that I would need to lose 46.8 pounds. Not impossible.

Ok now I am just rambeling so I will stop.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A new day

Well here we are almost the end of the second month.Boy has time gone by fast. Mackenzie turned 6 on Saturday. Seems like she was just born not long ago.She had her first party with her friends at McDonalds.

I have been feeling better the last few days. I was (still kinda am) having issues again with arrhytmias but nothing like before the ablation. Maybe with this last ablation and the new settings on the pacemaker this has things at bay for a bit at least. I sure hope so.

I found out today that my Valentine's partner still doesn't have their package yet. That should have been delivered to them by now. I was supposed to be there no later than Feb 6. Since it has not I am going to get a refund. I am alittle annoyed. But my partner could have said something sooner as I did email her last week.

Tonight was bowling and I didn't do to badly. My average is 154 and my games tonight were 168, 228, 135. Ok the last one wasn't so hot but hey what more can I ask for. I have a tournament on Sunday that should be interesting.

Well I think that is all for now.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Missed afew days.

Here are the pictures of my Valentin's Exchange. This is what I recieved from Penny on the CSF group. I haven't showed Mackenzie what I got yet as I am sure she will take some of the stuff. Thank you very much Penny it was great. I hope you enjoyed your package as well.

My Stash

Here are the pictures of my Cross Stitch stash. I spent yesterday morning cleaning up the good majority of it. I still have more to go through and clean out. In the next few days I will post my trade stash for all to check out. Plus hopefully I will be able to make up a wish list as well.

I haven't been on the computer too much lately as I haven't been feeling all that great. My rhythms were acting up again today and yesterday. I just hope things aren't going to get too out of control with them. I go see the EP in 4 weeks. If I only have one episode a week I think that is something I can tolerate.

Yesterday was the 21st anniversary of my Fontan procedure. It is hard to believe it has been that long. Maybe I will get another 21 years from it before they need to do something.

Well I will quickly check my emails and head to bed again

Friday, February 8, 2008

Dad's Birthday

Today is dad's 78th birthday. We took him out for dinner tonight and I am stilling here eating some of his cake my brother made him. It is nice but kinda dry so I have my milk.

I finally finished Tyler's birth announcement. Now I just need to frame it. Here is a nice wrinkled picture of it. I will pick up a simple black frame for it tomorrow and then finish it off. Yeah that will be a finish of a finish.
Oh look I have posted 2 days in a row. What a record for me. HA HA HA HA
As far as my arrhythmias go things have not been too bad. I was out of rhythm the other night but I think part of that had to do with the scary dream I had. In the dream I was scared out of my wits and out of rhythm and when I woke up I was actually out of rhythm. Took me 3 hours to go back to sleep it was that bad.
Well I am off to bed.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Getting slack

OK I am really getting slack here about posting in this blog. My goal was to post about three times a week. BUT.Well you know you can make every excuse not to do something. I have a hard time just sitting down and writing. Seems like I am rambling. Which I do often as it is (like now).

Well over the next few days I hope to have 2 more finishes. One is the birth announcement that I finished last year. The baby was born on Monday so I just have to enter his name and date after I graph it out and then frame it. The other is a card I am working on. Not sure what I am going to do after that. Maybe I will do the biscornu that I borrowed from a fellow stitcher. I still have to get some floss for that. February is going by adn I haven't even picked up my Halloween Gameboard which I was exclusively going to work on this month.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Two more finshes for me

These are the two envelopes that I have done this week. They are a fairly quick stitch pattern which is nice. I have to now see if I have any more aida so that I can make a few more envelopes and then put them together. I am hoping to have at least one together before I see Sister Martha again in three weeks. I would like to have a good variety of these envelopes for the craft shows in the fall.Well yesterday we had a big snow storm. We must have gotten almost 4 inches. So today it was rather fun trying to drive in. I will have to take some pics and post them to the blog in the next day as Monday it is supposed to be 11 degreese and rain.

At lunch I was cutting up some of my Fontina cheese which I enjoy and Mac was sitting at the kitchen table painting. So I gave her a small piece of cheese cause I didn't know if she liked it or not. She ate it and never said anything. So I gave her another piece and asked her if she like the cheese. She said no but she was eating it cause I was feeding it to her. I just laughed. What a twit.

Tonight I plan on reloading my songs on my MP3 player then I have a good selection but I also have a play list for the gym. Need to get back there on Tuesday no excuses.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Well a new month

Here we are a new month already. I can't believe we are in February already. This is such a busy month with birthdays and anniversary. First is Uncle George's birthday on the 5, then dad's birthday is on the 8. My anniversary of my Fontan surgery is on the 13. Mackenzie's birthday is the 16 and Steven turns the big Sweet 16 on the 25. Then of course there is the dentist and Sister Martha, dad's pacer appointment on the 4th. Wow such a busy month.

Well the last few days I have been doing not too badly. My energy level seems to be better since this last Ablation. I don't get tired till around 3 pm now. I am sure my energy level would improve if I went to the gym alittle more consistantly. That will come. I have had for the last few days this nerve tingling, jumping type sensation. I am wondering if it is the pacer going off. I haven't really felt like I was out of rhythm at all. There have been afew times where my heart rate increased for maybe 3 or 4 minutes but that is all. I have had the "pacer pain" in my sholder a few times too. Hopefully I am making too much of it and it is nothing. I will find out in March when I go back to Toronto. If I can last that long. I am trying to look at things from a more possitive note. even though this Ablation didn't stop all the arrhythmias as long as it cut them down in frequency and length then that is a possitive. I thought that was a cop out to accept that but Sister Martha say it is a good way to look at things and to deal wtih them. Even though it is a small step towards acceptance it is progress.

I have a book that Sister Martha gave me to read. It is about recreating yourself. I have to read it and report back to her if I felt is was helpful or not. I have been reading a little everyday. I keep rereading what I previously read just to reinforce it. I haven't gotten very far in the book yet. I will have to post the exercised here (well on my blog) when I get to them. I only have 3 weeks to read the complete book.

Today with all the snow I just took it easy and worked on another envelope. I have the Boy Baby almost done. Should be able to finish it tomorrow. Then I have 3 more Hardanger Ornaments upstairs to work on. I will have to take a day very soon and finish up the 2 envelopes, the Eeyore, the snowman pin, the stand up snowman, and the Hardanger Ornaments (the 3 I am going to do and two I have already done) then they will all be ready for the first Craft Show that we have probably in November.

Well I am off to watch House now.