Saturday, February 2, 2008

Two more finshes for me

These are the two envelopes that I have done this week. They are a fairly quick stitch pattern which is nice. I have to now see if I have any more aida so that I can make a few more envelopes and then put them together. I am hoping to have at least one together before I see Sister Martha again in three weeks. I would like to have a good variety of these envelopes for the craft shows in the fall.Well yesterday we had a big snow storm. We must have gotten almost 4 inches. So today it was rather fun trying to drive in. I will have to take some pics and post them to the blog in the next day as Monday it is supposed to be 11 degreese and rain.

At lunch I was cutting up some of my Fontina cheese which I enjoy and Mac was sitting at the kitchen table painting. So I gave her a small piece of cheese cause I didn't know if she liked it or not. She ate it and never said anything. So I gave her another piece and asked her if she like the cheese. She said no but she was eating it cause I was feeding it to her. I just laughed. What a twit.

Tonight I plan on reloading my songs on my MP3 player then I have a good selection but I also have a play list for the gym. Need to get back there on Tuesday no excuses.

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timetostitch said...

Your finishes are lovely. I'm happy to read you are feeling better, I hope and pray that keeps up for you. Keep that snow north of me...I don't want it!