Friday, February 1, 2008

Well a new month

Here we are a new month already. I can't believe we are in February already. This is such a busy month with birthdays and anniversary. First is Uncle George's birthday on the 5, then dad's birthday is on the 8. My anniversary of my Fontan surgery is on the 13. Mackenzie's birthday is the 16 and Steven turns the big Sweet 16 on the 25. Then of course there is the dentist and Sister Martha, dad's pacer appointment on the 4th. Wow such a busy month.

Well the last few days I have been doing not too badly. My energy level seems to be better since this last Ablation. I don't get tired till around 3 pm now. I am sure my energy level would improve if I went to the gym alittle more consistantly. That will come. I have had for the last few days this nerve tingling, jumping type sensation. I am wondering if it is the pacer going off. I haven't really felt like I was out of rhythm at all. There have been afew times where my heart rate increased for maybe 3 or 4 minutes but that is all. I have had the "pacer pain" in my sholder a few times too. Hopefully I am making too much of it and it is nothing. I will find out in March when I go back to Toronto. If I can last that long. I am trying to look at things from a more possitive note. even though this Ablation didn't stop all the arrhythmias as long as it cut them down in frequency and length then that is a possitive. I thought that was a cop out to accept that but Sister Martha say it is a good way to look at things and to deal wtih them. Even though it is a small step towards acceptance it is progress.

I have a book that Sister Martha gave me to read. It is about recreating yourself. I have to read it and report back to her if I felt is was helpful or not. I have been reading a little everyday. I keep rereading what I previously read just to reinforce it. I haven't gotten very far in the book yet. I will have to post the exercised here (well on my blog) when I get to them. I only have 3 weeks to read the complete book.

Today with all the snow I just took it easy and worked on another envelope. I have the Boy Baby almost done. Should be able to finish it tomorrow. Then I have 3 more Hardanger Ornaments upstairs to work on. I will have to take a day very soon and finish up the 2 envelopes, the Eeyore, the snowman pin, the stand up snowman, and the Hardanger Ornaments (the 3 I am going to do and two I have already done) then they will all be ready for the first Craft Show that we have probably in November.

Well I am off to watch House now.

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