Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bellpull Done!!!

Yeah it is finally done. All I need to do now is cut it out and put the dowel on it for the hanger. I am very happy with the way it looks. The blue is very rich looking so I am thinking of using Black Walnut or something dark like that for the hanger. I will post a picture when it is all cut out and hung.

Rockton Fair Results

Ok so here are the photos and results of how I did at this fair. I am really question some of the comments and places that I received. I think I did make enough o have next years paid for otherwise I would not be entering again. O here is one of the two firsts I got. This is a Victoria Sampler learn how to do Hardanger pattern.

This is my other first. This piece did not place in the previous show (the only piece) I entered it in.

The saying goes as follows (I know it is hard to see).

My Mothers garden - like her heart

brought joy to each of us children.

Blessed to grow up,

within the shelter of her heart.

This was my only second place.

Here are my 4 thirds that I got. I was a little upset that my Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu got a third after taking 2 firsts. The rest I was rather pleased with . My Celtic Knot was a last minute substitute since I could not for the life of me frame the one I wanted to put in. My card has now taken 2 thirds and a second so that is pretty good.

These fourths were very upsetting. Especially since the stocking has taken a first and a second. Oh well better luck next year I guess.

The t-shirt took a first and a second as well and now a fourth. The one that took 1st place did not deserve it as there was not nearly enough work and it was not neatly done. I actually know the person who did it. I would be ashamed to enter some of the things she did.

So that was all of my things that placed here. I got 9 out of 16 ribbons which I am not to happy with. The judging here is really not the best so I will be very selective as to what I enter next year. I for got to pick one of my things up so I will do it next week. I don't think it placed either.

This is the stuff that did not place.

This is what I forgot to pick up.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bellpull Photos

Ok well I figured since I had to move my piece up on my stretcher fram I would post a picture. I know some of you are dying to see a picture. Well here it is. I think after I do the "C" I will be half way done all I need to do after that is cut it all out and then attach my piece of dowling that I will use as a hanger. Should have more done tomorrow.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bellpull update

Sorry no pics as of yet. I did finish the petite blanket stitch on the bellpull tonight and started the cutting. I got the bottom heart cut ans wrapped with the doves eyes in it. I cut the next set this will be for the double hemstitch. Hopefully tomorrow I will have more of a chance to work on it and get further up. Today we took a "friend" up to some of the wholesale store near the airport. She makes gift baskets so we went looking for reasonable things to put in them. Mom and I will go back in about a month to get what we want to use for our baskets we want to make up. I will make up two and I think she is making up 7.

Well I think my run of no arrhythmias is quickly coming to an end. My heart rate at the presnet time is 108. Why I don't know but hopefully when I go to sleep it will go back to normal and I won't have a problem. If no that means a trip to the ER and have the defibrilator paddles (crash cart) used to slow it down. This is if the pacemaker doesn't kick in. Maybe it will. My heart rate only needs to get to 130 before the pacemaker is supposed to kick in. But its track record is 20% effectiveness. I hope my heart rate doesn't end up around 196 to 210. That was never fun.

Anyway off to bed as we are going to go pick 2 bushels of apples in the morning.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wren Song Design Update

Ok so here is the latest on the Wren Song Designs. 4 are done and 2 (one pattern) are left to do still. Maybe this week coming I will get them done. The pattern is called the Bridal Roses. They are not very big 3 inches finished actually. So I was talking with the owner of my LNS this week saying I wasn't sure how I was going to finish these off. They are supposed to be done as round ornaments. Apparently that is a very skilled task to be able to do. Sounds to fussy for me. So we decided I was going to get some cream to beige cardstocka nd make them into cards. I think that would be really neat. The actually pattern calls for the pink colours as seen in the top left hand corner but I decided to change them up a little. The last two I have to do will be the pinks (that are called for) for one of them and then the other will be various shades of purple. The first one took for ever to do but the other three worked up really quickly.

Today I spent time working on my Victoria Sampler Welcome Hearts Bellpull. I finished the petite blanket stitch a cross the top and put in the nun stitch. That took a bit of figuring out. I have started down the last side with the blanket stitching which I hope to finish tomorrow and start the cutting as well. I will attempt to do this on my own but if I run into troubles I have my class next weekend so I should be fine.

Yesterday I met a friend for coffee and while waiting for her I saw another lady who used to work at my LNS. We chatted for a bit and she said that she teaches classes and holds a stitching group at her place twice a month. She invited me to join them. She said the teacher that I am taking lessons from now comes and helps out. I am seriously thinking about joining. She told me to call anytime I had any questions, needed any help or just wanted to show her some of my work. I thought that was very nice of her. I might as the teacher next Saturday what the group is like then make my decision as to weather I will go or not. That would be twice a month and the other two weeks I would still go over to the LNS for "private" lessons.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not a bad day.

Well today was actually a productive one. I completed 4 of my Wren Song Designs (cutting beads and all) so now they just need to be mounted or something. I have two left to do still. Sorry no pics yet once they are all done I will post a pic. Simple Greek Crosses are really not that hard. I just like to whine alot. I hope to have at least one more or both done by the weekend. I have switched back to my bell pull to finish the blanket stitch and start the cutting as far as I can before class.

I have most of my stuff together for the fair this weekend. I had to strike two off my list cause I don't have anything to fill them with so that still leaves me with 16. Tomorrow I have to frame and finish two pictures, put hangers on three ornaments and finish my envelope (trim,sew together and put on button and ribbon) then that is all ready to go Thursday morning. So that is progressing nicely.

The other day I found a free pattern of the Chinese symbol for Friendship. I thought I would do it for a friend of mine who adopted a little Chinese girl awhile ago. I think she will be very suprised. I will do it for Chirstmas for her.

I had to go see the Cardiologist today. Wasn't really and appointment I was looking forward to. But suprisingly it was a good one for a change. I got a call at 9:30 this morning asking if I could be at the hospital for 10. I picked it up as I was leaving at 9:40 am and the cardiologists secretary said the Cardiologist asked if I could be there at 10 am and then she could spend more time with me but if not that was fine too. I said I could make it there by 5 or 10 after at the latest. That was fine. My original appointment wasn't till 11. Ok I figured get there early, get out faster have more time to get my stuff done for the fair. Well after busting my ass to get there early I sat and waited. I didn't end up getting out any sooner going early then when I would have if I showed up at 11. I was alittle ticked off at that but oh well. Plus she didn't spend any extra time with me than she normally would have.

Any way the appointment went well she put me on a new drug for my blood pressure as it is a little high and we don't want it to cause any damage to the already weak heart I have. I was fully expecting that she would add the drug. Maybe it will help with my headaches I have been having too. The Cardiologist would like to see me eventually go down to 100 mgs a day of my arrhythmia meds or maybe even less if I could. She also feels that I shouldn't have any more Ablations for awhile. Let all the irratation settle down and see just exactly what the real issue with them is other than the Fontan surgery I had, scare tissue and the hughe right atrium that is causing problems. So I see her in May and go for a bunch of tests in January and May. Some are routine for her and some need to be done more frequently because of the arrhythmia drugs.

So then I when to see her secretary cause we are good friends. I am waiting for the secretary to come out and I see the Cardiologist. She looks at me like I thought we were finished. I told her I was in trouble with the other half. She laughed and said I might as well spread it around and get it from everyone while I was there. I just laughed and said that was not hard to do in that clinic.

Guides was actually good tonight we accomplished a fair bit. So next week we will sit down and concentrate on what they need to do to get enrolled and when that will happen. We will also decide what badges we will work on as a group and individually. Hopefully we will get more girls soon. There are only 2 Guides and 2 Leaders.

Anyway off to bed. I have to finish stuff up tomorrow for the fair and go to another appointment. Then I am off to my LNS and stitching the afternoon away.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I am slipping again.

Ok I was doing so well for a while about posting. Now I am slipping again. I have to make a better effort to post more often even if it is only to ramble like I am doing now.

Anyway I have been buy working on my Wren Song Designs. I have one where I just need to put the beads on. One where I need to wrap the bars and put the beads on. Two I need to cut, wrap and put beads on. Then the last two haven't even been started yet. Then I need to finish my bellpull for my class on the 18. I would also like to get an ornament done so that I can make a biscornu with it. I think I am really pushing my luck to get that all done in the next two weeks.

Tomorrow I have to go see the Cardiologist and then get the stuff ready for the fair this weekend. I have to take it out after I see my councellor on Thursday.

I am now almost 3 1/2 months arrhythmia free. I am so glad that I can do things with out worring about going out of rhythm all the time. Tomorrow I will find out what my bloodwork showed in September. Lets hope things are still where they are supposed to be. My only thing is I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop and I know when it does it will fall hard. Not looking forward to that.

Bowling has been interesting these last few weeks. Tonight again I had a really good night. I had a 169, 175 and a 210 for a 554 triple. This puts my average at 167. Way over my head to achieve every week. I like my last years average better of 149. At least I have brought it down some.

Anyway off to bed now.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Update on Bell Pull

Ok so here is the long awaited update on my Victoria Sampler "Welcome Hearts Bellpull". I now just have the rest of the petit blanket stitch to finish and then do all the cut work. I should not take long once that is started. I think that is pretty good progress in just over a week. I had to do abit of an overlap cause the pattern wouldn't fit in my scaner.

Yesterday for a change I went back to my Bridal Roses by Wren Song Designs. I think instead of making them all into ornaments I will make some into Special Occassion cards. Now if only I can find my card blanks. HMMM I guess that is a good reason to clean my room up a bit.

Well not much new has been happening here with me. I now have been 3 months arrhythmia free (the other sho will drop soon. Murphy's Law). Hopefully I can make 6 months before anything starts up. I am not sure that I really want to cut two doses out but maybe I can convince them to just drop half each day and see what happens from there.

I go see the Cardiologist next week so I will find out what my bloodwork from September shows. We shall also see what is happening with my bloodpressure and if I end up on a drug for that. Hopefully it has stabelized somewhat but who knows till next week.