Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ancaster Fair Results

Ok so I goofed on what places I got at the fair. How I have no idea, but I did. So anyway I actually got 3 firsts, 3 seconds and a fourth. So in some respectes I did better than I thought. I still had one article that didn't place. Here it is. I did this for my Mother for Mother's Day one year. The verse says " My mother's garden, like her heart,brings joy to each of us childern, blah, blah, blah" when I go upstairs I will write the verse down and fix this.

So my three first this time were my stocking (which took second last weekend), my pincushion (two firsts for that) and the In Loving Memory (which has 2 firsts and a second ( that one I entered the year I made it and it took first then)).

Ok so what were the seconds. Well they were the christmas card (this took third last week), my t-shirt (which was a first last week, but different category this time), and my towel (which took a third last week).

So the picture that took fourth was my little baby on linen. That was the very first thing I did on linen and hated working with it. Now I love linen. It is a material that needs sometime and patience with but is really not that hard to do.

So far this year I have done pretty well. We shall see what comes of the last fair in afew weeks. I worked on my Victoria Sampler Welcome Heart Bellpull and I have the W in now and started on the E. I will try and post a picture for that either tomorrow or Tuesday.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Current WIP

Ok so this is not the greatest picture there ever would be. I tried using my cell phone for the picture but as you can see white on white is not the best to be photographing. This is what I have been working on this last week. It is working up pretty easy actually. I am finished the section where the first heart is and working on the second. I will try and post a better picture maybe tomorrow if I get the chance. Possibly after I come home from the fair.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ancaster Fair

OK so Wednesday night my niece Mackenzie and I took out my entries. So the first section we found was the Christmas Corner. So here we dropped off my stocking and christmas card. We had to go looking still for classes 55, 55A and 57. We find all the classes and drop off all the stuff. There was a pink pen still in the box so little miss smart ass says "Aunt what class does this go in" meaning the pen. I said it didn't go in any class. So the little darling asked where it went and I told her my back pocket. She decided to put it in my back pocket while we were walking.

Last week as school Mac found out they were going to the Ancaster Fair. She put up her hand and asked the teacher if the could go through the Arts and Crafts building because her aunt was entering things in the fair and she wanted to see how I did.

So today was fair day for her. She said it was Awesome. My mom told her to call and let me know how I did. Mac said well I can't cause I don't have a phone. My mom said when you get home from school call. So she was all excited when she called me. She said I got 3 firsts, 1 second and one third. Pretty good for a 6 1/2 year old to remember. Mac asked me if my stocking had a purple bow on it and I told her it did. She said I got first on that. I told her that the stocking was her cousins. She told me she knew that and that was what she told everybody. I just had to laugh. I will put her stocking in next year.

So my parents and I went to check things out after the report from the little one. I put 8 entries in and took 7 ribbons. I am rather happy with that. I got 3 first, 2 second, a third and a fourth. I just have one fair left and I think there will be 15 entries there.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Been a few days

Ok well today I was busy getting my fair enteries ready for the Ancaster Fair. My Niece and I took them out tonight. I have 8 entereies in this fair so we shall see how well I do this time. I put in some of the same stuff as the Binbrook fair. The Stocking, In Loving Memory, t-shirt, pin cushion, christmas card and the towel. If you would like to see pictures of them check out Binbrook Fair Results below.

This is one of the other pictures I did. I was the first project I ever did on linen. I have one other entery that I don't have a picture for that I submitted.

I will post on Monday my results with pictures. I can not pick my stuff up till about 7 or 8 pm so I might give a quick update Sunday night

I have been having trouble with my ears the last few days. They feel like they are completely plugged. Like just getting off an airplane. I saw the doc today and he says they are fine but he thinks it is from my allergies. So I need to get a stronger antihistamine and see if that works. Lets hope so. Well I am off to bedsince my ears are bugging me. Tomorrow I hope to work on my Victoria Sample Heart Welcome Bellpull.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Binbrook Fair Results

Ok I hate to do this but since I can't get a album or slide show to import I had to do each picture individually. I had 10 entries into this fair and placed with 7. Think that is pretty good.

Ok so here is my first entry it is a decorated sweatshirt/t-shirt judged only on decoration. This is a SanMan Original design called Think Spring (I think). There was only one other entry in this category with me and I was lucky enough to take First place.So this was 2 Christmas tree ornaments "Victorian theme" ready to hang. Well I finished at the last minute these two Hardanger ones. I was awarded First place in this category as well. Yeah me!

This one was pincushion - fabric - sewn. Well I think this is really cool so I just had to put in my Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu by The Sweetheart Tree. I was surprised to see another biscornu in the category as well.

The next entry was Christmas stocking - cross stitch - ready to hang. I did this one for my second cousin Tracey ( not only is she my second cousin but she it the second Tracey on that side of the family. Her aunt (my first cousin) is who the In Loving Memory was for)). This is the Just Nan pattern Plum something. I took second place with this one.

This is Counted cross stitch> 14" including frame - ready to hang. OOPS it is a little small one way but not the other. I did this for my aunt and uncle as a keepsake of my younger cousin Tracey (the older one of the two). I took a second place with this. It got a very interesting comment on it. One was Well Done! and the other one said not enough cross stitch to be judged in this class. Um well then why did I get second??? Also I didn't realize that counted cross stitch was just X's. You learn something new everyday. None of my family understand this either.

This class was Terry guest towel - decorated. I took a third place here. I am not upset cause this is not one of my better pieces.

2 Christmas tree ornaments - ready to hang - needlework. I was at a real loss as to what to enter here so I decided to make the two hardanger crosses into quick ornaments. I was not expecting to even place here at all but surprisingly I got a third place so I was quite happy there.

The next three didn't place at all. I can't have everything. Tho it would be nice. The only issue I have is with the red box. The comment was Hardanger? Well yes and no. There is probably more cross stitch on it but oh well who cares. I was desperate and just grabbed something to put the tag on.

The earring were way out of the class of work there. Most of the jewellery was that Schwartz crystals. I thought I would give it a shot.

The card I actually had in the fair last year and got a third with. I guess once is better than none.

Well if you have gotten this far thank you very much. I am now heading to bed as it is 11:30 pm here and I am tired. Hope fully I will do as well next week at Ancaster Fair. I only have 8 entries going in there.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Binbrook Fair and Hardanger Class

Ok well I have not been to the Binbrook Fair yet this weekend. But my aunt went on her way home. She said that I got 3 First place ribbons. They are on my T-shirt that had a SanMan Original Design on. My Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu (pin cushion) and she couldn't remeber what else. I got 2 Second place finishes. One was the Just Nan Stocking I did for my second cousin and the other was on the In Loving Memorie piece I did for my aunt. Plus I got a Third place finish on a Terry Guest Towel. My red box with the Hardanger on it didn't place. So that was 7 out of the 10 articles. She missed some.

Later she called back and said after she got thinking about things maybe the stocking didn't get a ribbon on it maybe it was my Hardanger Ornamnets. But she couldn't remember. No big deal I will find out tomorrow. I actually didn't want to know anything until I got there myself. You know the element of suprise.

So this is what I did in class today. I had the basic outline done with the blanket stitch on. I didn't really accomplish much in class but I did learn some new tricks and got picked on alot by the teacher and the owner of the LNS. It was fun still.

Things I learned:

1: That when the pattern calls for Eyelet stitches you really need to put them in because they help stiffen the outter edge. I didn't put them in cause they are a PITA.

2. How to do eyelet stitch in stagered steps. They work up faster this way but they are still a PITA.

3. That when you do a Sampler pattern you always need to mark off your material and start in the upper left hand corner. I always started in the center and counted from there.

4. I learned how to weave bars in the cut out section. I kept complaining cause the back is not as neat as I was taught. But apparently it is ok.

So I came home and finished up the cross and put in the spider web myself. I know it is not right but I have to get credit for at least trying. Right?

This is the next project I have started which should be finished by tomorrow so that I can take it next month and learn how to properly do the Spider Web stitch.

The other day I bought myself a new Hardanger pattern. I showed my mom and now she wants 5 for Christmas presents. I am not sure how many I will get done but was told I had to have one ready for next months class.

So all and all it has turned out to be a pretty good weekend. Fairly successful at the fair and made nice progress at class. Well till tomorrow when I post with Fair Results.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fair Entries

Well I took my fair enteries in tonight. I get to go pick them up Sunday night. So I won't know until then how I did. I don't have pictures of all the enteries but I will post ones that I do have. One has a red ribbon on it already cause that went into the fair 9 years ago.

I put this into the pincushion section. They had to be made out of fabric so I thought it would be good. I stuck two pearl head pins into it.

This is not a great picture but it was put in to the Cross stitch article not deemed a framed project.

This stocking is for my Second cousin. I did 5 of them all different for my cousins and my niece one year.

I did this In Loving Memory for my Aunt and Uncle when my younger cousin passed away. The reason for the ribbion was I entered it into the fair the next fall. Everyone was so happy to see the ribbon for it.

Unfortunatly that is all I have pictures for. I will add some when I bring the stuff back and before I change the fair tags. I will be taking my stuff next Wednesday to another fair.

I bought a new Hardanger pattern yesterday. I have only showed one person and already have orders for 6. Not sure how fast they will stitch up. I have a few things to finish up before my classes on Saturday.

I went to see Deb who is a friend of mine today. I met her when I went to Cardiac Rehab the first time at one of the hospitals in the city. I haven't talked with her since last July. Her and I were close we used to go for lunch and coffee every coulpe of months. I would always update her via email as to how I am doing health wise. Then all of a sudden she stopped responding. I did see her last July when I was admitted to her hospital. Then in January of this year she stopped responding to me all together. I have for awhile wanted to go see her and today after talking with Martha I decided I would. She has become very distant with me and others that know both Deb and I have said to forget about her. That is kinda hard when she was my rock for so many years. There was never any closure or anything. Something inside of me keeps saying don't let this friendship go things will turn around. Martha told me today I had to do what I felt was right and forget about what everyone was saying. So I bought a nice card and wrote her a message. Then I went and dropped it off and actually got to talk with her. She was alittle better.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More good news

Well I was talking to the cardiologists nurse today .

She said my TSH and my GGT levels that were out of whack in July have now resolved themselfes for August. We shall see what happens in September. I have to have them done next week I probably won't find out till the begining of October what they are unless there is a really big problem. Now that the arrhytmias are undercontrol and the blood work seems to be straightening out I am doing not to bad. If I could only now get my blood pressure to co-operate I would be 100% cured. Don't I wish that were true. I will see what happens in October if I end up on blood pressure meds again or not.

I am still rather irked with the nonsense that went on yesterday with the pacemaker but oh well it is done and over with. I guess there is not sense worring about it.

Tomorrow night I take my stuff into the fair so lets hope I fair not to badly.

Well I am doing good 4 days in a row now. Don't get to used to it. I doubt it will last much longer.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ok here's the verdict

First before I go into details I must say I was RAKed by a very nice person Beth. I was very surprised to see this pattern in the mail yesterday. I love getting surprises.

I also love to torment people can you tell.

Ok so I went to the hospital and hour away. They were 45 minutes late in seeing me which is not unusual. So I finally get in and they hook me all up to the machines and start to interrogate the pacemaker. Well this takes for ever even if there is NO new information. Ok so that finally downloads and the doc (who I am not overly fond of) came in to see what was happening. He sat on a chair on the other side of the room and never moved. Usually the docs check different things and see for them selves what is going on with the pacemaker.

So anyway he sits there and looks at the printouts they give him. Which I don't think were everything he needed but oh well. So he says the battery life has gone down since May of this year but that there is nothing to worry about. He knows that I don't trust this pacemaker at all and that I have (as have many others) felt this was defective since day one. He asked me if something at the bowling alley could have interfered with the pacer to make it beep. I told him know this happened Sunday night at home watching TV. SO then he says to me are you sure it was the device?

No I just felt like calling you up and complaining for no reason at all and saying that I needed to be seen cause I didn't want to wait till November 4. How stupid do they think I am? Don't answer that. So they finally decide that the pacer has showed nothing at all not even the alarms going off so I can come back in 6 months. Then he decides that since I have an appointment November 4 I should keep that and see them again then. In the mean time my Nov appointment was cancelled and given away. I am supposed to see the Electrophysiologist that day as well. THe pacer clinic said since they were booked that day the EP doc would have to change his date to see me. I THINK NOT SORRY.

So after talking with the EP doc briefly he decided to see me today instead of Nov 4 ( I was really hoping he would since I was there. But I didn't want to ask). So he was thrilled with the news that I have not had any arrhythmia's since Jun 20 and that I now have a life as well and I am doing so much better. He said that he was really worried about me cause he felt I was on the verge of a nervous break down. He said that he tried to make stupid jokes (his words not mine) to help relieve some of the tension but realized it only mad things worse and I was even more upset. Which apparently really upset him (I knew that just by the way he would spend extra time with me. He didn't have to admit it). You don't find many doctors like that anymore. He said that at some point we will reduce the amount of medication I am taking (I would only take it Monday to Friday) and see how well that works. I must have had a horrified look on my face because he laughed and said not now maybe when I see him in January but we will talk and negotiate things together. So all in all I guess it was good news all around. It still burns me that they don't believe me with the pacemaker. Oh well I won't worry the next time it beeps.

I must go to bed now I have been up since 5 this morning and only got an hours rest this afternoon. Tomorrow I will post pictures of my fair entries since they go Thursday night.

Hey not bad three days in a row.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Wow two days in a row!!!

Ok so here is the latest on me. I have to go to a hospital an hour away to the pacemaker clinic cause the one 10 minutes from me won't do a damn thing. Their answer to my pacemaker issues was "Well it was only put in in 2003 so I should not be having problems yet. Also just keep calling the other hospital and bugging them till they decide what to do". Gee loads of help there.

I called the other hospital this morning and they said I was to go see my Cardiologist and have an ECG done and she MUST approve me to travel to this other hospital. So they did the ECG and the RN gave me the two copies they printed off (never kept one for their files) so I will take one tomorrow and keep one for me. To bad for them.

Hopefully things will be put into full swing tomorrow even though I am not seeing my regular docs. I will update more when I come home (hopefully tomorrow) after I go to my Girl Guide meeting.

On an up note tonight was the first night of bowling for this season. I did really well with out really trying hard. I bowled a 223, 190 and a 222 to give me a starting average of 212. I said I was only bowling 100's next week to bring my average WAY down.

Well gotta head to bed need to be up early in the morning.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Latest finish

Well this is my most recent finish. It was done Friday I think. It is one of the Victoria Sampler Kits where you learn Hardanger in stages. I think this one is level 4-5 but I am not sure off the top of my head. It was an interesting one to learn (not really difficult). I highly recommend those kits to anyone who would like to learn Hardanger. Saturday I finished the outline of a Cross bookmark that I will be taking to my class on September 13 to learn how to put the stitches in properly. I will also have a second bookmark done and ready to go and that probably will be it unless I take the Victoria Sampler kit (one of level 5) that has Greek Crosses in it to do. Oh yeahby the way did I mention I HATE Greek Crosses.

Things are still pretty good with me health wise. It is coming up to 8 weeks arrhythmia free which is great but I knew things could only be so good for so long. The other shoe finally dropped today. Tonight as I was watching TV my pacemaker beeped twice. This means the battery is low and needs to be replaced soon. Tomorrow I will call the Cardiologist and the Electrophysiologist and see what needs to be done and how soon. I want to wait till after September 20 as that is after the two fall fairs and about 3 weeks before the last one. If I don't get to put stuff in the last one that is ok since I haven't paid my entry fee yet.

I am so glad that I see Martha this week cause I will need it after I finish with the docs tomorrow.

Tuesday I think I will bring the sewing machine up and put to gether the stuff I have made and then just put in my box to finish later. Maybe now I need to not only complete my stitching but also complete the entire project as well.