Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More good news

Well I was talking to the cardiologists nurse today .

She said my TSH and my GGT levels that were out of whack in July have now resolved themselfes for August. We shall see what happens in September. I have to have them done next week I probably won't find out till the begining of October what they are unless there is a really big problem. Now that the arrhytmias are undercontrol and the blood work seems to be straightening out I am doing not to bad. If I could only now get my blood pressure to co-operate I would be 100% cured. Don't I wish that were true. I will see what happens in October if I end up on blood pressure meds again or not.

I am still rather irked with the nonsense that went on yesterday with the pacemaker but oh well it is done and over with. I guess there is not sense worring about it.

Tomorrow night I take my stuff into the fair so lets hope I fair not to badly.

Well I am doing good 4 days in a row now. Don't get to used to it. I doubt it will last much longer.

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