Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fair Entries

Well I took my fair enteries in tonight. I get to go pick them up Sunday night. So I won't know until then how I did. I don't have pictures of all the enteries but I will post ones that I do have. One has a red ribbon on it already cause that went into the fair 9 years ago.

I put this into the pincushion section. They had to be made out of fabric so I thought it would be good. I stuck two pearl head pins into it.

This is not a great picture but it was put in to the Cross stitch article not deemed a framed project.

This stocking is for my Second cousin. I did 5 of them all different for my cousins and my niece one year.

I did this In Loving Memory for my Aunt and Uncle when my younger cousin passed away. The reason for the ribbion was I entered it into the fair the next fall. Everyone was so happy to see the ribbon for it.

Unfortunatly that is all I have pictures for. I will add some when I bring the stuff back and before I change the fair tags. I will be taking my stuff next Wednesday to another fair.

I bought a new Hardanger pattern yesterday. I have only showed one person and already have orders for 6. Not sure how fast they will stitch up. I have a few things to finish up before my classes on Saturday.

I went to see Deb who is a friend of mine today. I met her when I went to Cardiac Rehab the first time at one of the hospitals in the city. I haven't talked with her since last July. Her and I were close we used to go for lunch and coffee every coulpe of months. I would always update her via email as to how I am doing health wise. Then all of a sudden she stopped responding. I did see her last July when I was admitted to her hospital. Then in January of this year she stopped responding to me all together. I have for awhile wanted to go see her and today after talking with Martha I decided I would. She has become very distant with me and others that know both Deb and I have said to forget about her. That is kinda hard when she was my rock for so many years. There was never any closure or anything. Something inside of me keeps saying don't let this friendship go things will turn around. Martha told me today I had to do what I felt was right and forget about what everyone was saying. So I bought a nice card and wrote her a message. Then I went and dropped it off and actually got to talk with her. She was alittle better.

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