Sunday, January 24, 2010

Next one done.

Here is the latest finish. I will start a little bear with and ice cream cone tomorrow.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Two more

Here is the one I finished yesterday. He was a quick easy stitch.

This one I did today.

Oh no the peas are lost!!

I heard this strange noise this after noon and couldn't find anything. So I decided to get up from my nap and here was Lucy pulling this food jug over to the steps. I am not sure if you can see all the teeth marks or not.

Been a looong time.

I didn't realize the last time I posted was September. Well alot has gone on in that short time. I went to get my pacemaker checked out in November and as of then I still had no episodes. That means nearly 18 months arrhythmia free. Well two weeks after that I had my first episode but so far nothing else that I am really aware of.

I was busy with Christmas craft shows and my last fall fair. We did ok at the craft shows this/last year. I didn't get much stitching done because of the shows. Oh yeah my mother redid the living room too. So everything was busy then Christmas came and went now we are here.

I did have three stitching finishes today. Wow nothing since September and then 3 in one day.

This is Ghouls Only that I have been working on since October 09. I finally pulled the rest of the waste canvac out tonight. Boy do my fingers hurt.

This is the diaper shirt I did for a friend of my brothers. Their little girl will be one soon so this is for Mackenzie to give them.

Of course what post would be complete with out pictures of my baby doll. Lucy is now 14 months old and as crazy as ever. I wouldn't want her any other way.

As you can see she likes boxes.

Another Finish

Wow I have another diaper shirt finished today. This one is for a friends daughter who is due late February early March. She is having a boy (or shall we see).

Lucy is now officially 14 months old today. It is hard to believe that we got her nearly one years ago. She seems like she has been here forever. In a good way that is.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fair pictures

Wow, I didn't realize it was sooooo long ago since I posted last. Ok here is an updates as to what has been happening and then I will post half the fair entries here and do a seperate post for the rest since there is so many pictures and explainations to go with them all.

Well on the 23 of September it has been 6 years since I had my original pacemaker put in and 7 months since I had the replacement done. Wow time sure flies fast. It has been a year and 3 months since I have had any MAJOR arrhythmias. YES. Kinda makes you wonder how much of my problems was due to the old pacemaker.

Lucy is getting big now. She is 10 months old and just a bratty and hyper as usual.

The one who owns the steps.

Well this year I entered the fall fairs again and so did my niece Mackenzie. I don't have any pictures of her and her stuff yet but I will get some and post them too. The first fair Mac entered 4 items and got 3 ribbons. She was so excited. She got a first, a third and I forget. The second fair she entered 5 things and got 2 ribbons. I think she got two thirds and 3 hournable Mentions.

My first Fair I put in 8 enteries and got 6 ribbions. The second fair I put 14 things in and got 12 ribbions.

This is the Biscornu this I did for the Victoria Sampler Summer contest. As you can see I took a 1st and a 2nd. This was my first attempt at Ribbon Embroidery (don't like it mind you) and was able to get the top two places with it.

This was my Cougar I made for my nieces mom. I was a little upset it only got a 5th place at the second fair. Isn't it so life like?

Ok now this one is too funny. I was going to put in the sampler I did for Mac but it was too big so I decided to throw this one in instead. I really did it as a joke to fill a space. Well it has taken 2 1sts. The reason it is so funny is this is the second piece I ever did. I made it like 30 years ago. You can still see the permanent fold in the aida which will not come out.

Here is Mac's stocking I made for her. I have taken 2 firsts on it and this is the article that is going to the Convention in February. It also got Best of Show, and I got Most points in Class with that and the other things I entered in the class. Wonder what it will take at the last fair.

I was almost ashamed to put this towel in. It is one of those really lose woven aida towels, true terry cloth. So the pattern is not even and messy,doesn't show up well. I ended up getting a 2nd and a 3rd.

This was the Fall Biscornu that I made for the fall contest with Victoria Sampler. We still have that draw to make later with week so who knows. It could be another luck draw for me with this one.

Well the little shit wan't to go to bed now so I will end here. Tomorrow I will post the rest of the fair pictures.

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Finishes and stuff

This is my latest project. It is another contest biscornu from The Victoria Sampler. As you can see this is a fall one this time. I wonder if we will have a winter one too. I really took my time on this one. Don't get me wrong it is not hard at all. I was just lazy mostly and spread it out of the whole week rather than probably about 1 1/2 days.

Here is a not so good picture of Bethany's Sampler finished. I will see if I can get a better picture of it. Now I have one more to do to sell.

I need to kick my butt in gear this weekend and get me entry forms one for the Fall Fairs so I can get my tags before hand.

Ok as you all know I have several gardens around the house plants and veggies. Well I have never seen anything like this before. I have a sunflower with another sunflower growing out of the center of it. I will post more pictures of it as it progresses. Only things like that happen in my garden. My niece calles it the mutant sunflower.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WIP progress

As you can see this still has areas that need to be filled in. Or at least I hope you can see that. I have a shopping list that I need to get next week to finish it off. It should take me about another day as most of the missing areas are speciality stitches and beading. I will post completed pictures when it is all finished. But can't supply a picture with it framed as it is a gift for a friend (not on these groups). She is giving it to her grandchildren for Christmas.

This is the top half.I did it this way so hopefully you can actually read the saying. It is a very touching verse.

Here is a closer look at the bottom half.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New and progress report

This is my current WIP. It is called Bethany's Sampler by Dragon Dreams. I did this one for my niece when she turned a year old. Her's is on yellow linen. I have a friend who wants this for her two grandchildren. This is 2 days progress.

Now the green one is not totally finished. I still have the petit blanket stitch and the nun stitch to finish. They both still need beads and the hardanger. The next picture of these they will be totally finished and hanging.

Here we are playing catch. Mom throws the paper up the stairs and I knock it down. I like looking at the world upside down. Things just look so much better.

Oh look mommy wants to make the bed. Let's make it impossible for her.

Here we are sleeping quietly on mommy's bed. Aren't I an Angel with devil horns.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ok here are some new pictures of my poor pathetic garden for this year.

As you can see I have several coneflowers (echinica). I forget what this is called but will look it up and post it later.

Ok I tried to turn this but I don't know what happened. But this is a yellow and black coneflower that grows upto 8' high.

This is called Tomatoe Soup and to look at it that is exactly what it looks like.

The rest of the pictures are of the garden in general. I have several coneflowers purple, white, green, tomatoe soup,yellow, tiki torch and one that starts out orange and then goes pink. Can we say coneflower obsesed?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Newest WIP

Ok as promised here are finally some pictures of my new WIP that I am working on. It is another Welcome Hearts banner. This is what is done so far. Got smart this time and am doing all the stitching as I come to it so this one should take less time to finish than the last one did.