Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New and progress report

This is my current WIP. It is called Bethany's Sampler by Dragon Dreams. I did this one for my niece when she turned a year old. Her's is on yellow linen. I have a friend who wants this for her two grandchildren. This is 2 days progress.

Now the green one is not totally finished. I still have the petit blanket stitch and the nun stitch to finish. They both still need beads and the hardanger. The next picture of these they will be totally finished and hanging.

Here we are playing catch. Mom throws the paper up the stairs and I knock it down. I like looking at the world upside down. Things just look so much better.

Oh look mommy wants to make the bed. Let's make it impossible for her.

Here we are sleeping quietly on mommy's bed. Aren't I an Angel with devil horns.

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Beth said...

I'm still in awe of your banners; they're gorgeous! Lucy has grown like a weed. She's SO big! Cute as ever, though. I can see those horns, too!