Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long time no post

Well it has been awhile since I posted last. I have been busy doing lots of stuff. Not really stitching much. I have my 6 Ornaments cut out now all I need to do is put the tassel and the hanger on them. I have 4 sets of earrings done as well. 2 pair have hooks on them and the other 2 pair well not yet.

I have been busy filling in my entry forms for the fall fairs. I will be entering my stuff into three fairs this year. So we shall see how things go.

I had my niece out the other day and man did we walk. I kept reminding here that we didn't want to walk too far cause we still had to turn around to go back to the car. She told me she knew that and would tell me when we went far enough. We probably walked in to different places for about 2 and a half hours. She was having a great time. I could have wrung her neck when she started telling me we needed to exercise daily, and that is was a good idea she took me for this walk, that I didn't need the gym anymore I just had to walk with her (hell I need the gym so that I CAN walk with her), etc, etc.. Gotta love kids.

Hopefully I will post some pics next week of my stuff cut out and finished before they go to the fair. I am going for another private lesson for Hardanger Wednesday next week. Not sure what I will be tourchered with this time. Last week (or the week before) it was Greek Crosses. I HATE GREEK CROSSES. I learned how to do them came home and haven't picked them up since. Oh yeah did I mention I hate Greek Crosses.

My Hardanger classes start in 2 weeks so I need to get a few projects ready for then.

It has been one month and 2 weeks since I have had any issues with my arrhythmias. I have had a few close episodes that I thought might land me in the hospital but nope. I am still waiting for the proverbial "other shoe to drop" but hoping it won't be for awhile.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another busy day

Well today myself, my mother and a friend of hers all went out to lunch. We go to the Vet Thi resturant where maybe two people speak english. We get WonTon soup. The bowl has to be about 32 oz and you get 6 Pork and Shrimp wontons with some other stuff. We also enjoy the fried wontons with cream cheese in them and the Shrimp fried spring rolls.

After we came home I had a nice nap. That energized me to do some more earrings. I now have two sets complete and one earring. I will post pictures when the stuff is all cut out. I also had to cut out a diamond so that I can have my next Hardanger lesson tomorrow after the gym. These are private lessons and then I signed up for 4 Saturday mornings for class lessons.

I just bought some more patterns (I need them like a hole in the head) to do more word trees and hardanger ornaments. I will have to post some pics when the order arrives hopefully soon.

Tonight mom and I made two batches of Peach-Pinapple Freezer jam and one batch of Peach freezer jam. Tomorrow I think we will make another Peach jam and maybe a pie.

It has been one month and one week (almost) since I have had any arrhythmias. I have to wait and find out what the blood work showed this month to see what will happen next.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Afew finishes

Well here is a picture of all 5 ornaments with the cutting and all the speciality stitches in them. The pattern is by Wren Song Designs. I think they are pretty neat. I have an order from my mother already for about a dozen. At first she said that she wanted all Ercu ones but then she saw the green one I did and now I am not sure what she wants.Here is the first one in green. I will be doing a whole set of 5 in this colour as well. It is DMC 504. I think I like the green better. BUT we shall see as I am doing a set in DMC 3753 and I will do a pink set. The only difference with the pink will be I am putting blue flowers in them. I am hoping each different colour set will have a different speciality stitch in them. The Ecru has Dove's Eyes.

The other little green things you see with the pink bars will be earrings. I have alot of interest in them already. That was my first pair I made. The blue verrigated was the second one but when I did the cutting there was a mistake. So I did it again and this time the lines didn't match up. I am sitting now taking it out.

Today I signed up for my Hardanger classes. I am now getting exicted about doing it. At first I wanted no part of it. I was showing the lady who owns the store what I hope to be able to do and she thinks I will do wonderfull in the class. She then proceded to tell me I was coming back Wednesday morning after the gym to be taught Greek Crosses. Between what she showes me and my 4 classes I should be off to the races and do what ever I want to.

This is one project I would like to eventually like to be able to do. I will with time.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

One Busy Week

Well this has been a very busy week. Last Saturday my uncle came home from Thunder Bay for the week. He was participating in the Ontario Seniors Games in London. Since he hasn't been here since last summer we had a BBQ out at my aunts farm. Most of the family made it there.

Monday night I took my uncle to the cemetery where his parents are burried and where is Uncle Percy is burried. Then we went to visit friends of his.

Tuesday he left for London so I went to the gym and then in the afternoon I went to my Local Needlewrok Shop and got some help with my Hardanger. I was able to then come home and finish the 5 ornaments I started. Sorry no pictures at this point.

My uncle returned here on Thursday night and yesterday I spent a good part of the day taking him to used book stores so he could get some books on The Black Donnellys and the Kennedy Assisination.

Today we went out to my aunts again. Mom and I taught my 9 year old cousin how to play Rummy. She is getting the hang of it.

I did start another ornament today and will hopefully have it finished tomorrow and possible some earrings as well.

Will try and post pics when I can.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Post #2

Well here it is post number 2 for the day. Don't get used to it tho. After droping off my uncle I went to the gym and did a very brief workout. I find it hard working out after 9 am and today it was 10 am. So you say well that is only an hour difference shouldn't be that much harder but it is. I was able to workout for about 40 minutes. I figure something is better than nothing. Tomorrow I will be back at 8:30 am for an hour and a half work out.

So then after the gym I had some errands to run and then called my LNS to see if I could get some help with my Hardanger. Since I taught myself I did it the easiest way I could so that I could see what I was doing and when I made a mistake. Afew people that do Hardanger couldn't tell I didn't do things properly. Well today I learned how to wrap the bars the correct way and to do Dove's eyes. Here are the ornaments I have been working on.The top two are finished and just need to be cut out. The one inbetween the two is about half finished and I have the last two to start. Then with the scraps I am going to make earrings. That should be an interesting feat. Well I will try and post another update tomorrow on my progress.

I was RAKed

Yesterday when the mail came there was a nice manilla envelope for me. It was from Terry Forester. She sent a pile of buttons and charms. Thanks very much Terry. I will use them for sure. Well what I don't have to fight Mackenzie for. Here is what she sent.Later tonight I will post a more up to date picture of the ornaments I am doing. I have two completely finishe and a third almost done. Then I can move the hoop and finish the other two.

Yes are you lucky two posts in one night.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Current WIP and stuff

Ok I know I should post more often than when I have finishes and WIPs but sometimes I just don't know what to right. Well here is my current project. These will be Hardanger ornaments when I get them finished which hopefully will be this week. My mom said she wants a bunch of them for her friends at work for Christmas. SO now I have to go buy more material because she only wants certian colours. Sorry the picture is kind of hard to see. It is Ecru on Antique White evenweave 28 ct. The pattern is one by Wren Song.Some of you know I put my work into the fall fairs for judging. Well last year my 5 1/2 year old niece decided she was going to do a piece as well. This is her stitching. Not bad for a 5 1/2 year old. The funny thing is she thinks she will enter it into the fair this year and take first prize. Off of me. I think I will have to make her a tag and just put a 1st place ribbon on it for her and hope she doesn't know the difference.Well we have had a record amount of rain this summer (and it is STILL not done). So last Thursday I decided that Mackenzie and Tracey could paint T-Shirts. So we brought Tracey to my house and away they went. This first one is Mackenzie's can you tell. I must admit it is pretty good for a 6.5 year old. The main thing is she had a ton of fun.This is Tracey's shirt. You can tell the difference in ages. Tracey will be 10 in November. She had a great time doing her shirt. Then the girls were able to play with each other for quite awhile after we ate lunch. Suprising I didn't go insane like I thought I would happen.

Well we are now going on to week #4 with out having any arrhythmias or needing the Bisoprolol. The Amiodarone seems to be doing the trick right now which is fantastic. The only problem with it is my TSH (thyroid) and my GGT (liver) are already being affected. Hopefully as I am on the Amio longer things will straighten out. I would hate to have to go on another drug because the Amio is affecting my system too much and lose the "good" health I am now finally starting to have. I guess the real tale will be in November when I have the Pacemaker checked out and see how many episodes I have had that I was not aware of.

Yesterday we had a semi family BBQ at my aunts house. My uncle is here from up north. We had 13 people there for dinner. Unfortunatly we were missing 6 people. But like I said to my mom no matter when we have it there is always some one who can't come for some reason.

This is a busy week coming too. I will try and post daily as to what is happening.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Semi-Finish and stuff LONG

Well here are two semi-finishes for me. I completed the bookmark Friday and did the diamond on Saturday in about 3ish hours. Now I have to cut the centers out so that I can learn how to wrap the bars properly for Hardanger. I hope to do that later this week.

I have been feeling really well now for about the last 3 weeks. I have not had to add any extra meds (Bisoprolol to the Amiodarone) since July 14. Which is really good. I will know on Wednesday what my blood levels are and see if the Amio is going to affect my thyroid at this small dose. Hopefully I can stay here for awhile. I have not had actually (probably just jinxed myself here) since early July.

I have been going to the gym twice a week now. The first week was only once and last week was one good work out and a modified one cause some how I hurt my knee. This week I am hoping to get in two good work outs and a modified one plus maybe a walk or two. Just have to play it by ear. I guess I should load my MP3 player tonight for the gym tomorrow.

Tuesday last week Mackenzie and I did some errands after the gym. I had picked some vegetables out of the garden and decided to take them to a friend of mine which just happens to be a Nun. So we go take the veggies to her. Mackenzie ( who is 6 1/2 years old) was telling her we were going on a mission.

Mackenzie: Auntie and I are going on a mission today.

Friend: Oh really. That's nice.

Mackenzie: Yes we are going to find Grumpy's ( Grumpy is what she calls my father her grand father) parents at the cemetery.

Friend: (looks at me) Oh that sounds nice.

Me: Yeah they are missing. I know they are dead and have been for awhile but can't find the headstone.

Mackenzie: We are looking for a War Cross too cause it is missing also. So we will have to go on a mission to find it.

Friend: (says to Mackenzie) Well I am sure your great-grandparents are there. Do you think they would have moved the bodies?

Mackenzie: Probably.

So we leave and start heading to the cemetery and the conversation between Mackenzie and I goes something like this.

Me: That lady was a Nun.

Mackenzie: Oh.

Me: (Figuring she didn't know what a nun was) I said yes she wears a habit like the Sisters in your church.

Mackenzie: We don't have any in my church.

Me: Yes you do the church you go to with school has Nun's in it.

Mackenzie: I haven't been to church with school. (She goes to a Catholic school)

Me: Yes you have. Grandma and I took you there at Easter time.

Mackenzie: No we didn't go to church at Easter.

Me: Yes we did.

Mackenzie: Does your friend wear a habit to church on Sunday?

Me: I don't know.

Mackenzie: Well why don't you know Auntie?

Me: I have never been to her church.

Mackenzie: I wish you knew everything in the world.

Me: Why?

Mackenzie: Cause then you would be my smartest aunt ever.

Me: Well thank you. How can you argue with that.

Later in the week mom and I promised Mackenzie that she could do her china tea set. We kept telling her that was a project for a rainy day. Wednesday was finally the rainy day she wanted. So we went to the gym did a couple of errands and her an Grumpy painted the Tea Set. See pictures below. Apparently she told Grumpy he couldn't do certain pieces cause she couldn't trust him enough to do it neatly and the way she wanted it. My father used to do beautiful Toll Painting. But can't be trusted by a 6 1/2 year old. I am sure from the pictures you can figure out who did what.