Sunday, August 10, 2008

Current WIP and stuff

Ok I know I should post more often than when I have finishes and WIPs but sometimes I just don't know what to right. Well here is my current project. These will be Hardanger ornaments when I get them finished which hopefully will be this week. My mom said she wants a bunch of them for her friends at work for Christmas. SO now I have to go buy more material because she only wants certian colours. Sorry the picture is kind of hard to see. It is Ecru on Antique White evenweave 28 ct. The pattern is one by Wren Song.Some of you know I put my work into the fall fairs for judging. Well last year my 5 1/2 year old niece decided she was going to do a piece as well. This is her stitching. Not bad for a 5 1/2 year old. The funny thing is she thinks she will enter it into the fair this year and take first prize. Off of me. I think I will have to make her a tag and just put a 1st place ribbon on it for her and hope she doesn't know the difference.Well we have had a record amount of rain this summer (and it is STILL not done). So last Thursday I decided that Mackenzie and Tracey could paint T-Shirts. So we brought Tracey to my house and away they went. This first one is Mackenzie's can you tell. I must admit it is pretty good for a 6.5 year old. The main thing is she had a ton of fun.This is Tracey's shirt. You can tell the difference in ages. Tracey will be 10 in November. She had a great time doing her shirt. Then the girls were able to play with each other for quite awhile after we ate lunch. Suprising I didn't go insane like I thought I would happen.

Well we are now going on to week #4 with out having any arrhythmias or needing the Bisoprolol. The Amiodarone seems to be doing the trick right now which is fantastic. The only problem with it is my TSH (thyroid) and my GGT (liver) are already being affected. Hopefully as I am on the Amio longer things will straighten out. I would hate to have to go on another drug because the Amio is affecting my system too much and lose the "good" health I am now finally starting to have. I guess the real tale will be in November when I have the Pacemaker checked out and see how many episodes I have had that I was not aware of.

Yesterday we had a semi family BBQ at my aunts house. My uncle is here from up north. We had 13 people there for dinner. Unfortunatly we were missing 6 people. But like I said to my mom no matter when we have it there is always some one who can't come for some reason.

This is a busy week coming too. I will try and post daily as to what is happening.


Dawn B. said...

I like the ornament's. I know how you fell about the posting. That's why I went to Blogging with out obligation. Thanks for the comment you left and the Floss is very easy to use. Think I will try the wisper floss next time.

Debra said...

Your stitching is beautiful! Looks like you have a lot of fun with your kids. All the pictures are great.
Debra in Indiana