Monday, August 4, 2008

Semi-Finish and stuff LONG

Well here are two semi-finishes for me. I completed the bookmark Friday and did the diamond on Saturday in about 3ish hours. Now I have to cut the centers out so that I can learn how to wrap the bars properly for Hardanger. I hope to do that later this week.

I have been feeling really well now for about the last 3 weeks. I have not had to add any extra meds (Bisoprolol to the Amiodarone) since July 14. Which is really good. I will know on Wednesday what my blood levels are and see if the Amio is going to affect my thyroid at this small dose. Hopefully I can stay here for awhile. I have not had actually (probably just jinxed myself here) since early July.

I have been going to the gym twice a week now. The first week was only once and last week was one good work out and a modified one cause some how I hurt my knee. This week I am hoping to get in two good work outs and a modified one plus maybe a walk or two. Just have to play it by ear. I guess I should load my MP3 player tonight for the gym tomorrow.

Tuesday last week Mackenzie and I did some errands after the gym. I had picked some vegetables out of the garden and decided to take them to a friend of mine which just happens to be a Nun. So we go take the veggies to her. Mackenzie ( who is 6 1/2 years old) was telling her we were going on a mission.

Mackenzie: Auntie and I are going on a mission today.

Friend: Oh really. That's nice.

Mackenzie: Yes we are going to find Grumpy's ( Grumpy is what she calls my father her grand father) parents at the cemetery.

Friend: (looks at me) Oh that sounds nice.

Me: Yeah they are missing. I know they are dead and have been for awhile but can't find the headstone.

Mackenzie: We are looking for a War Cross too cause it is missing also. So we will have to go on a mission to find it.

Friend: (says to Mackenzie) Well I am sure your great-grandparents are there. Do you think they would have moved the bodies?

Mackenzie: Probably.

So we leave and start heading to the cemetery and the conversation between Mackenzie and I goes something like this.

Me: That lady was a Nun.

Mackenzie: Oh.

Me: (Figuring she didn't know what a nun was) I said yes she wears a habit like the Sisters in your church.

Mackenzie: We don't have any in my church.

Me: Yes you do the church you go to with school has Nun's in it.

Mackenzie: I haven't been to church with school. (She goes to a Catholic school)

Me: Yes you have. Grandma and I took you there at Easter time.

Mackenzie: No we didn't go to church at Easter.

Me: Yes we did.

Mackenzie: Does your friend wear a habit to church on Sunday?

Me: I don't know.

Mackenzie: Well why don't you know Auntie?

Me: I have never been to her church.

Mackenzie: I wish you knew everything in the world.

Me: Why?

Mackenzie: Cause then you would be my smartest aunt ever.

Me: Well thank you. How can you argue with that.

Later in the week mom and I promised Mackenzie that she could do her china tea set. We kept telling her that was a project for a rainy day. Wednesday was finally the rainy day she wanted. So we went to the gym did a couple of errands and her an Grumpy painted the Tea Set. See pictures below. Apparently she told Grumpy he couldn't do certain pieces cause she couldn't trust him enough to do it neatly and the way she wanted it. My father used to do beautiful Toll Painting. But can't be trusted by a 6 1/2 year old. I am sure from the pictures you can figure out who did what.

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Petra said...

Lovely china painting! Great hardanger...your niece is so cute.