Friday, July 25, 2008

It's done!!

Well I finished Freezun Seazun today. I had to get the owner of my LNS to help me with the Holly leaves. Once I got that figured out it just fell all together nicely. Today I just had to finish one side of Holly leaves and add all the beads and charms.

On to some Hardanger Ornaments now.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More progress on Freezun Seazun

Ok well here is todays progress on Freezun Seazun. It is really taking shape fast. I started on the Holly leaves tonight. Got two done and said done. I will work on them tomorrow when I have the sunshine and the patients. I can't wait to have this finished now. At first I was worried that the fabric was not blue enough. But now that I am adding the blue it is looking better.

I didn't do much exercise today as my arms hurt from working out at the gym yesterday. But not bad enough to stop me from going tomorrow. I will do what I did yesterday plus add in leg weights. Hopefully I will still be walking on Friday. Well so much for easing in to the gym slowly. It looks like the arrhythmias are fairly well controlled at this point which is fantastic. Now lets hope it stays that way for awhile.

Today I had my niece so we called our cousins to see if they wanted to get together and do something. The girls haven't seen each other at all since school finished. So we were going to go Glow in the Dark Mini Golfing. When we got there the place had 150 kids already there. Must have been a day camp outing or something. So we ended up going to the movies instead. We saw Wall-E. It is not quite what I was exptecing but it was good never the less. But the better entertainment was when the four of us were in the theater alone eating the popcorn. The girls (ages 6 and 9) each got a small popcorn and with it you get a flavoring for it free. So they both picked Salt and Vinagar because you know they have to be the same. Well Tracey (9 year old) put half the package on her popcorn and Mackenzie (my niece and the 6 year old) put the whole thing on hers. So we were eating it and dying with the amount of vineager on it. I started with taking the first few pieces and inhaling nearly choking one the strength. Mackenzies was so strong. I finally mixed it up enough it could be eaten. Well Vicki my older cousin grabbed a handfull and was eating the popcorn. Thought she had a kernel and it was actually a clump of Salt & Vinager mix. Well I thought she was going to pass out it was so strong. She was sitting their stamping her feet and rocking back and forth. I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face and I couldn't breath. Tracey said to me my face was beat red from laughing.

Vicki and I are 5 years apart and are just like sisters. The crazy times we have had together.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WIP progress and stuff

Ok I have the main picture now outlined and the word "Freezun" in. Not bad progress for 2 1/2 hours today. I have now started the blue boarder where the snowflakes go. Hopefully it won't take much longer to do.

My garden is really comming along nicely. It smells like a funeral home with all the lilies I have. At least that is what they remind me of. Here are some pictures of the garden I really like.

I love this picture. It is of my Shasta Daisies and my Cherokee Sunset Gloriosa Dasisies. They make a nice contrast together.

This is just one section of my lilies. I have 4 spots in my garden with various lilies. I have pictures in my webshots of all my flowers in the garden. Adding more almost daily. Feel free to check it out. They are all in Garden 2008.

Today was my first day back at the gym in almost 2 1/2 months. It was great. I have been told to start slowly but that kinda didn't happen. I did 30 minutes at 2.8 on the Treadmill. 15 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes of weight training. Then my friend called me and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. SO I walked for an hour. I really like this being able to exercise again. Tomorrow I am taking my niece and 2 cousins to play 18 holes of glow in the dark mini golf. That should be loads of fun. I should be so sore by Thursday that I can't move but it is back to the gym and mega gardening. Doesn't sound like too much stitching is going to get done. I am sure I will find some time for it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Feeling better

I have been feeling alot better since I changed meds for my arrhythmias. I am tired and headache alot right now but that has a lot to do with our weather. I suffer from headaches when the weather is changing either to rain or snow. I have a real problem with humidity and tiredness and it has been really bad here lately up into the 100's (which we don't see often).

I will be starting back to the gym tomorrow for the first time since May. I finally don't have the suffocating feeling that the other drug was giving me. Now hopefully I can work out like I want to so that I can start and lose some weight.

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day. We try and meet for coffee once every 2 months or so. I was telling her what had gone on at my last EP (Electrophysiologist) visit and how I was switched to the Amiodarone which didn't thrill me too much cause of all the side effects. I was saying how bad the Bisporolol was and the suffocating feeling and that I just stopped it cause I couldn't handle it anymore. The symptoms were just getting way worse rather than better. We were talking about the Torsades De Pointes episode(s) that I had in September 2003. I was telling her that the EP won't put me on Sotalol untill he has documentation to confirm the TDP episodes or not. Which sucks since that is the drug that I cope with the best. Ok it nearly killed me but that is just a minor point. My friend suggested I talk with the Cardiologists RN which can be a chore in its self. BUT the Cardiologists RN was really really helpfull.

I asked her if it was alright if I used the Bisoprolol in between Amiodarone doses if I am out of rhythm for long periods of time and she said that was fine. Then I asked her when I should go to the hospital when I am out of rhythm. She said that I only have to go when the things I normally do don't work any more or if I don't really feel well. She said I would know when the time was right. But that she feels that I have things under control for right now and that I am coping with things alot better than I have in the past. Alot of that is thanks to Martha.

SO then I talked with the RN about the TDP and what the story there was. She said that I have a history of TDP and that I was not in it at the present time (not sure you would be able to tell with me) but that it is something that is documented in my file and the family doc should have the information already. I said that the EP doesn't and I don't think the Family Doc did either. So she was going to send it out to both of them right away. She also suggested that I have it put on my MedicAlert bracelet (the wallet protion) so that if there was ever an issue they could find out before things were done. So that is what I will do.

We also talked about how expensive my one drug is and how I can't affored to pay for it and I can't expect my parents to either. She said that there are ways of getting it covered and we would work on that.

So all in all she was very helpfull last week when we talked.

Freezun Seazun current WIP

This is Freezun Seazun by Calico Crossroads. It is on Forget Me Not Blue. After I frogged the white around the out side about 22 times I finally got it all to match up properly. There are so many 1/4 stitches and with white ont he Forget Me Not (almost white its self) it is hard to follow sometimes. Hopefully this will be done this week.

Cherie I did this one next just for you since you liked it so much.

Spring with buttons

Here is Think Spring by Calico Crossroads with the buttons and all on it now. I did it on 28 ct Light Pink Jubliee fabric with Fireworks Treads by Olde Williow Stitchery. I think this will make a neat little pillow.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Birthday Stash

This is what all I bought with my birthday money. I wasn't able to get a few things as my LNS has to put in an order. That's ok cause I have other stuff to do in the mean time. I have picked up "PEACE" by M Design again and hopefully that will only take me about a week to do.

This is the link to see the material and patterns for the other seasons from Calico crossroads.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Feeling pretty good.

Even with all this heat I have been feeling pretty good. My medication change seems to be holding my arrhythmias so far. I have had to take a supplementry dose a few days but nothing too bad yet. I seem to be able to do alittle more which is what I wanted so that is good. At least the feeling of not getting enough air in my lungs and the suffocation sensation is now gone which is great. Those feelings were starting to scare me and I don't scare easily. I should find out at the begining of August if this new medication is affecting my Thyroid or not. Lets hope not.

I have another finish today. I am not sure how many that is for this year now I have lost count. I think I am ahead of you tho Beth. I did "Think Spring" by Calico Crossroads. See previous post. All I have let to do is put on the charms and make it into a pillow. That should be interesting since I do not sew. Ihae o get th charms toorrow when I do my large stash shopping. I got some gift certficates and money for my birthday last week so that is why the shopping. Plus The Golden Threads (the needle work shop) is holding their Christmas in July sale.

My garden is coming along nicely this year. I have put loads of pictures in my webshots album under Garden 2008. I have a few more to add right now and there will be more as the day go buy so check often.

Think Sping is DONE!!

Think Spring is now done. It was a fast stitch with lots of new speciality stitches in it. I think it too me about 3 days to complete since I had an issue with the little purple flower.I did it on Pink Lugana 28 count with Fireworks threads from Olde Willow Stitchery. I just have to get the charms and add them. That will be tomorrow since I am going stash shopping.The other picture of Think Spring is the picture on the leaflet. The designer is Calico Crossroads. I will now be doing up some Hardanger ornaments for my classes in September.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I sat down this afternoon to work on PEACE by M Design and found it has a number of mistakes. SO I will be taking it out at a later date and fixing it but untill then I have started "Think Spring" by Calico Cats. I have already put i the satin stitched flower twice and taken it out twice. I will do everthing else first and then get some help putting the flower in after.

Current Project

This is my current project that I am working on. It is "PEACE" by M Designs. I started it with different threads earlier in the week but found they were to thick and didn't lay properly.So I have now changed to DMC Variations #4030 (I think). I have the beads picked out to go on here already now I just have to find something for the top.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Redyed Fabric

Well since today was such a nice day I decided to try and redye my fabric. This first one is the light pink or periwinkle. I added azelia and g

rape to it and I like it much better.

The second set is the olive. I took a toothbrush and put some lines on it with linen and yellow.

The last one was the Crimsion Red. I added azelia and linen to that but I don't think it changed too much maybe a little lighter.

I have to think of what to put on these now so that I can dye the rest of the fabric I bought before the weather gets bad and I can't put things outside. I have a few ideas for the fabric but I am not sure yet.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Here are the picture of Rhosdes Butterfly Biscornu by The Sweetheart Tree. I finished it totally today. I think the plain back is much nicer than having two sides of the same design. The only thing I will try differently is attaching the beads around the outside with nylon thread after it is sewn together. I had a lot of difficulty with attching them as I went.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rhodes Butter fly and stuff

Ok this is not a great picture but this is the top of my biscornu. I now just have to sew it together> I have started but don't like how the beads are sitting so I might take it out and then put the beads on seperatly with nylon thread. I will be so happy when this is done.

More flowers are out in the garden. I have taken pictures but a few more are out today and I think more tomorrow. So in the next few days I will add those pictures to my garden album.

Today some how I have pulled all the muscles in my back on the left side. I was getting the stuff out to make Mackenzie and myself smoothies for breakfast and must have twisted the wrong way. I pulled everything so badly that I couldn't even breath. Things a worked out for the most part but still have a few spots that are in major pain. I haven't taken anything all day for it but I will take muscle relaxents tonight. I am afraid if I don't I won't be able to move tomorrow at all.

Off to watch NASSCAR and Dale Jr. win.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hand dyed fabric and stuff

Here is some fabric that I dyed today. I am not sure that I like the colours.

Please tell me what you think. The light pink is Periwinkle and Crimson Red. The green one is Olive with Yellow. The dark one is the light pink mix with a little more Crimson and Yellow mixed in. That one is not to bad. I would like to change them but not sure how or to what. The light pink one I am thinking of getting Royal Purple and using a toothbrush to spray it with. Then the next decision is what to put on them. The green one I think will be for an M Design. Please feel free to make any comments and or suggestions.

I finally finished mulching my large flower garden. The mulch is a red cedar mulch. I personally think it takes away from all the reds and pinks in the garden but oh well. Maybe next year I will put black mulch down. The only problem with the black is when it is dry it is grey and then when wet it goes black. Whereas the red stays red all the time. I have added some new garden pics more flowers are blooming and a few more will be out in a few days. I have also rearranged the pictures so that all the same flower is all together with the over all garden pictures at the beginning then the individual plant, my niece's gardens, the back garden or mom's garden and then the veggie garden.

I have a natural weed killer that I am going to try. Apparently it kills anything it touches. Once I have tried it I will let you know how it works.

I am almost finished my Rhodes Butterfly by The Sweetheart Tree. I have half the outlining left, the beads and the stitching for the basting it together. Hopefully soon it will be done. I have not been working hard on it otherwise it would be finished.

Today is the first day that I have not really had to have a nap in the afternoon. I am not overly tired right now either. I will be starting to decrease the Bisoprolol Thursday and see just how the Amiodarone is going to do. I am hoping this will be an acceptable drug and not give me too many hassles.