Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hand dyed fabric and stuff

Here is some fabric that I dyed today. I am not sure that I like the colours.

Please tell me what you think. The light pink is Periwinkle and Crimson Red. The green one is Olive with Yellow. The dark one is the light pink mix with a little more Crimson and Yellow mixed in. That one is not to bad. I would like to change them but not sure how or to what. The light pink one I am thinking of getting Royal Purple and using a toothbrush to spray it with. Then the next decision is what to put on them. The green one I think will be for an M Design. Please feel free to make any comments and or suggestions.

I finally finished mulching my large flower garden. The mulch is a red cedar mulch. I personally think it takes away from all the reds and pinks in the garden but oh well. Maybe next year I will put black mulch down. The only problem with the black is when it is dry it is grey and then when wet it goes black. Whereas the red stays red all the time. I have added some new garden pics more flowers are blooming and a few more will be out in a few days. I have also rearranged the pictures so that all the same flower is all together with the over all garden pictures at the beginning then the individual plant, my niece's gardens, the back garden or mom's garden and then the veggie garden.

I have a natural weed killer that I am going to try. Apparently it kills anything it touches. Once I have tried it I will let you know how it works.

I am almost finished my Rhodes Butterfly by The Sweetheart Tree. I have half the outlining left, the beads and the stitching for the basting it together. Hopefully soon it will be done. I have not been working hard on it otherwise it would be finished.

Today is the first day that I have not really had to have a nap in the afternoon. I am not overly tired right now either. I will be starting to decrease the Bisoprolol Thursday and see just how the Amiodarone is going to do. I am hoping this will be an acceptable drug and not give me too many hassles.

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