Monday, July 14, 2008

Feeling pretty good.

Even with all this heat I have been feeling pretty good. My medication change seems to be holding my arrhythmias so far. I have had to take a supplementry dose a few days but nothing too bad yet. I seem to be able to do alittle more which is what I wanted so that is good. At least the feeling of not getting enough air in my lungs and the suffocation sensation is now gone which is great. Those feelings were starting to scare me and I don't scare easily. I should find out at the begining of August if this new medication is affecting my Thyroid or not. Lets hope not.

I have another finish today. I am not sure how many that is for this year now I have lost count. I think I am ahead of you tho Beth. I did "Think Spring" by Calico Crossroads. See previous post. All I have let to do is put on the charms and make it into a pillow. That should be interesting since I do not sew. Ihae o get th charms toorrow when I do my large stash shopping. I got some gift certficates and money for my birthday last week so that is why the shopping. Plus The Golden Threads (the needle work shop) is holding their Christmas in July sale.

My garden is coming along nicely this year. I have put loads of pictures in my webshots album under Garden 2008. I have a few more to add right now and there will be more as the day go buy so check often.


CJ said...

Glad to hear your are feeling better and I love your Think Spring. Very beautiful...


Meari said...

Glad to hear you're feeling well, Kathy.