Monday, July 21, 2008

Feeling better

I have been feeling alot better since I changed meds for my arrhythmias. I am tired and headache alot right now but that has a lot to do with our weather. I suffer from headaches when the weather is changing either to rain or snow. I have a real problem with humidity and tiredness and it has been really bad here lately up into the 100's (which we don't see often).

I will be starting back to the gym tomorrow for the first time since May. I finally don't have the suffocating feeling that the other drug was giving me. Now hopefully I can work out like I want to so that I can start and lose some weight.

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day. We try and meet for coffee once every 2 months or so. I was telling her what had gone on at my last EP (Electrophysiologist) visit and how I was switched to the Amiodarone which didn't thrill me too much cause of all the side effects. I was saying how bad the Bisporolol was and the suffocating feeling and that I just stopped it cause I couldn't handle it anymore. The symptoms were just getting way worse rather than better. We were talking about the Torsades De Pointes episode(s) that I had in September 2003. I was telling her that the EP won't put me on Sotalol untill he has documentation to confirm the TDP episodes or not. Which sucks since that is the drug that I cope with the best. Ok it nearly killed me but that is just a minor point. My friend suggested I talk with the Cardiologists RN which can be a chore in its self. BUT the Cardiologists RN was really really helpfull.

I asked her if it was alright if I used the Bisoprolol in between Amiodarone doses if I am out of rhythm for long periods of time and she said that was fine. Then I asked her when I should go to the hospital when I am out of rhythm. She said that I only have to go when the things I normally do don't work any more or if I don't really feel well. She said I would know when the time was right. But that she feels that I have things under control for right now and that I am coping with things alot better than I have in the past. Alot of that is thanks to Martha.

SO then I talked with the RN about the TDP and what the story there was. She said that I have a history of TDP and that I was not in it at the present time (not sure you would be able to tell with me) but that it is something that is documented in my file and the family doc should have the information already. I said that the EP doesn't and I don't think the Family Doc did either. So she was going to send it out to both of them right away. She also suggested that I have it put on my MedicAlert bracelet (the wallet protion) so that if there was ever an issue they could find out before things were done. So that is what I will do.

We also talked about how expensive my one drug is and how I can't affored to pay for it and I can't expect my parents to either. She said that there are ways of getting it covered and we would work on that.

So all in all she was very helpfull last week when we talked.

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