Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More progress on Freezun Seazun

Ok well here is todays progress on Freezun Seazun. It is really taking shape fast. I started on the Holly leaves tonight. Got two done and said done. I will work on them tomorrow when I have the sunshine and the patients. I can't wait to have this finished now. At first I was worried that the fabric was not blue enough. But now that I am adding the blue it is looking better.

I didn't do much exercise today as my arms hurt from working out at the gym yesterday. But not bad enough to stop me from going tomorrow. I will do what I did yesterday plus add in leg weights. Hopefully I will still be walking on Friday. Well so much for easing in to the gym slowly. It looks like the arrhythmias are fairly well controlled at this point which is fantastic. Now lets hope it stays that way for awhile.

Today I had my niece so we called our cousins to see if they wanted to get together and do something. The girls haven't seen each other at all since school finished. So we were going to go Glow in the Dark Mini Golfing. When we got there the place had 150 kids already there. Must have been a day camp outing or something. So we ended up going to the movies instead. We saw Wall-E. It is not quite what I was exptecing but it was good never the less. But the better entertainment was when the four of us were in the theater alone eating the popcorn. The girls (ages 6 and 9) each got a small popcorn and with it you get a flavoring for it free. So they both picked Salt and Vinagar because you know they have to be the same. Well Tracey (9 year old) put half the package on her popcorn and Mackenzie (my niece and the 6 year old) put the whole thing on hers. So we were eating it and dying with the amount of vineager on it. I started with taking the first few pieces and inhaling nearly choking one the strength. Mackenzies was so strong. I finally mixed it up enough it could be eaten. Well Vicki my older cousin grabbed a handfull and was eating the popcorn. Thought she had a kernel and it was actually a clump of Salt & Vinager mix. Well I thought she was going to pass out it was so strong. She was sitting their stamping her feet and rocking back and forth. I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face and I couldn't breath. Tracey said to me my face was beat red from laughing.

Vicki and I are 5 years apart and are just like sisters. The crazy times we have had together.

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