Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another busy day

Well today myself, my mother and a friend of hers all went out to lunch. We go to the Vet Thi resturant where maybe two people speak english. We get WonTon soup. The bowl has to be about 32 oz and you get 6 Pork and Shrimp wontons with some other stuff. We also enjoy the fried wontons with cream cheese in them and the Shrimp fried spring rolls.

After we came home I had a nice nap. That energized me to do some more earrings. I now have two sets complete and one earring. I will post pictures when the stuff is all cut out. I also had to cut out a diamond so that I can have my next Hardanger lesson tomorrow after the gym. These are private lessons and then I signed up for 4 Saturday mornings for class lessons.

I just bought some more patterns (I need them like a hole in the head) to do more word trees and hardanger ornaments. I will have to post some pics when the order arrives hopefully soon.

Tonight mom and I made two batches of Peach-Pinapple Freezer jam and one batch of Peach freezer jam. Tomorrow I think we will make another Peach jam and maybe a pie.

It has been one month and one week (almost) since I have had any arrhythmias. I have to wait and find out what the blood work showed this month to see what will happen next.

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