Monday, August 18, 2008

Afew finishes

Well here is a picture of all 5 ornaments with the cutting and all the speciality stitches in them. The pattern is by Wren Song Designs. I think they are pretty neat. I have an order from my mother already for about a dozen. At first she said that she wanted all Ercu ones but then she saw the green one I did and now I am not sure what she wants.Here is the first one in green. I will be doing a whole set of 5 in this colour as well. It is DMC 504. I think I like the green better. BUT we shall see as I am doing a set in DMC 3753 and I will do a pink set. The only difference with the pink will be I am putting blue flowers in them. I am hoping each different colour set will have a different speciality stitch in them. The Ecru has Dove's Eyes.

The other little green things you see with the pink bars will be earrings. I have alot of interest in them already. That was my first pair I made. The blue verrigated was the second one but when I did the cutting there was a mistake. So I did it again and this time the lines didn't match up. I am sitting now taking it out.

Today I signed up for my Hardanger classes. I am now getting exicted about doing it. At first I wanted no part of it. I was showing the lady who owns the store what I hope to be able to do and she thinks I will do wonderfull in the class. She then proceded to tell me I was coming back Wednesday morning after the gym to be taught Greek Crosses. Between what she showes me and my 4 classes I should be off to the races and do what ever I want to.

This is one project I would like to eventually like to be able to do. I will with time.


Karen said...

Absolutely lovely, Kathy! Good job!

Sandy P said...

Outstanding Kathy! Sandy P.

Lucy said...

Wow...I've watched someone do that and it looked intense....but I would love to try it!

Debra said...

Kathy, just beautiful!!!
Debra in Indiana