Saturday, September 13, 2008

Binbrook Fair and Hardanger Class

Ok well I have not been to the Binbrook Fair yet this weekend. But my aunt went on her way home. She said that I got 3 First place ribbons. They are on my T-shirt that had a SanMan Original Design on. My Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu (pin cushion) and she couldn't remeber what else. I got 2 Second place finishes. One was the Just Nan Stocking I did for my second cousin and the other was on the In Loving Memorie piece I did for my aunt. Plus I got a Third place finish on a Terry Guest Towel. My red box with the Hardanger on it didn't place. So that was 7 out of the 10 articles. She missed some.

Later she called back and said after she got thinking about things maybe the stocking didn't get a ribbon on it maybe it was my Hardanger Ornamnets. But she couldn't remember. No big deal I will find out tomorrow. I actually didn't want to know anything until I got there myself. You know the element of suprise.

So this is what I did in class today. I had the basic outline done with the blanket stitch on. I didn't really accomplish much in class but I did learn some new tricks and got picked on alot by the teacher and the owner of the LNS. It was fun still.

Things I learned:

1: That when the pattern calls for Eyelet stitches you really need to put them in because they help stiffen the outter edge. I didn't put them in cause they are a PITA.

2. How to do eyelet stitch in stagered steps. They work up faster this way but they are still a PITA.

3. That when you do a Sampler pattern you always need to mark off your material and start in the upper left hand corner. I always started in the center and counted from there.

4. I learned how to weave bars in the cut out section. I kept complaining cause the back is not as neat as I was taught. But apparently it is ok.

So I came home and finished up the cross and put in the spider web myself. I know it is not right but I have to get credit for at least trying. Right?

This is the next project I have started which should be finished by tomorrow so that I can take it next month and learn how to properly do the Spider Web stitch.

The other day I bought myself a new Hardanger pattern. I showed my mom and now she wants 5 for Christmas presents. I am not sure how many I will get done but was told I had to have one ready for next months class.

So all and all it has turned out to be a pretty good weekend. Fairly successful at the fair and made nice progress at class. Well till tomorrow when I post with Fair Results.


Debra said...

Kathy, looking good.
Debra in Indiana

CJ said...

That sounds like a fun class, I would love to learn hardhanger one day. Keep up the great work.