Sunday, September 14, 2008

Binbrook Fair Results

Ok I hate to do this but since I can't get a album or slide show to import I had to do each picture individually. I had 10 entries into this fair and placed with 7. Think that is pretty good.

Ok so here is my first entry it is a decorated sweatshirt/t-shirt judged only on decoration. This is a SanMan Original design called Think Spring (I think). There was only one other entry in this category with me and I was lucky enough to take First place.So this was 2 Christmas tree ornaments "Victorian theme" ready to hang. Well I finished at the last minute these two Hardanger ones. I was awarded First place in this category as well. Yeah me!

This one was pincushion - fabric - sewn. Well I think this is really cool so I just had to put in my Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu by The Sweetheart Tree. I was surprised to see another biscornu in the category as well.

The next entry was Christmas stocking - cross stitch - ready to hang. I did this one for my second cousin Tracey ( not only is she my second cousin but she it the second Tracey on that side of the family. Her aunt (my first cousin) is who the In Loving Memory was for)). This is the Just Nan pattern Plum something. I took second place with this one.

This is Counted cross stitch> 14" including frame - ready to hang. OOPS it is a little small one way but not the other. I did this for my aunt and uncle as a keepsake of my younger cousin Tracey (the older one of the two). I took a second place with this. It got a very interesting comment on it. One was Well Done! and the other one said not enough cross stitch to be judged in this class. Um well then why did I get second??? Also I didn't realize that counted cross stitch was just X's. You learn something new everyday. None of my family understand this either.

This class was Terry guest towel - decorated. I took a third place here. I am not upset cause this is not one of my better pieces.

2 Christmas tree ornaments - ready to hang - needlework. I was at a real loss as to what to enter here so I decided to make the two hardanger crosses into quick ornaments. I was not expecting to even place here at all but surprisingly I got a third place so I was quite happy there.

The next three didn't place at all. I can't have everything. Tho it would be nice. The only issue I have is with the red box. The comment was Hardanger? Well yes and no. There is probably more cross stitch on it but oh well who cares. I was desperate and just grabbed something to put the tag on.

The earring were way out of the class of work there. Most of the jewellery was that Schwartz crystals. I thought I would give it a shot.

The card I actually had in the fair last year and got a third with. I guess once is better than none.

Well if you have gotten this far thank you very much. I am now heading to bed as it is 11:30 pm here and I am tired. Hope fully I will do as well next week at Ancaster Fair. I only have 8 entries going in there.


Debra said...

Kathy, your stitching is great. I love the t-shirt. Congrats!!! You should be very proud.
Debra in Indiana

CJ said...

Kathy, congrats on all the ribbons. I love the hardhanger ornamens.