Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Been a few days

Ok well today I was busy getting my fair enteries ready for the Ancaster Fair. My Niece and I took them out tonight. I have 8 entereies in this fair so we shall see how well I do this time. I put in some of the same stuff as the Binbrook fair. The Stocking, In Loving Memory, t-shirt, pin cushion, christmas card and the towel. If you would like to see pictures of them check out Binbrook Fair Results below.

This is one of the other pictures I did. I was the first project I ever did on linen. I have one other entery that I don't have a picture for that I submitted.

I will post on Monday my results with pictures. I can not pick my stuff up till about 7 or 8 pm so I might give a quick update Sunday night

I have been having trouble with my ears the last few days. They feel like they are completely plugged. Like just getting off an airplane. I saw the doc today and he says they are fine but he thinks it is from my allergies. So I need to get a stronger antihistamine and see if that works. Lets hope so. Well I am off to bedsince my ears are bugging me. Tomorrow I hope to work on my Victoria Sample Heart Welcome Bellpull.

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