Friday, September 19, 2008

Ancaster Fair

OK so Wednesday night my niece Mackenzie and I took out my entries. So the first section we found was the Christmas Corner. So here we dropped off my stocking and christmas card. We had to go looking still for classes 55, 55A and 57. We find all the classes and drop off all the stuff. There was a pink pen still in the box so little miss smart ass says "Aunt what class does this go in" meaning the pen. I said it didn't go in any class. So the little darling asked where it went and I told her my back pocket. She decided to put it in my back pocket while we were walking.

Last week as school Mac found out they were going to the Ancaster Fair. She put up her hand and asked the teacher if the could go through the Arts and Crafts building because her aunt was entering things in the fair and she wanted to see how I did.

So today was fair day for her. She said it was Awesome. My mom told her to call and let me know how I did. Mac said well I can't cause I don't have a phone. My mom said when you get home from school call. So she was all excited when she called me. She said I got 3 firsts, 1 second and one third. Pretty good for a 6 1/2 year old to remember. Mac asked me if my stocking had a purple bow on it and I told her it did. She said I got first on that. I told her that the stocking was her cousins. She told me she knew that and that was what she told everybody. I just had to laugh. I will put her stocking in next year.

So my parents and I went to check things out after the report from the little one. I put 8 entries in and took 7 ribbons. I am rather happy with that. I got 3 first, 2 second, a third and a fourth. I just have one fair left and I think there will be 15 entries there.

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