Monday, September 8, 2008

Wow two days in a row!!!

Ok so here is the latest on me. I have to go to a hospital an hour away to the pacemaker clinic cause the one 10 minutes from me won't do a damn thing. Their answer to my pacemaker issues was "Well it was only put in in 2003 so I should not be having problems yet. Also just keep calling the other hospital and bugging them till they decide what to do". Gee loads of help there.

I called the other hospital this morning and they said I was to go see my Cardiologist and have an ECG done and she MUST approve me to travel to this other hospital. So they did the ECG and the RN gave me the two copies they printed off (never kept one for their files) so I will take one tomorrow and keep one for me. To bad for them.

Hopefully things will be put into full swing tomorrow even though I am not seeing my regular docs. I will update more when I come home (hopefully tomorrow) after I go to my Girl Guide meeting.

On an up note tonight was the first night of bowling for this season. I did really well with out really trying hard. I bowled a 223, 190 and a 222 to give me a starting average of 212. I said I was only bowling 100's next week to bring my average WAY down.

Well gotta head to bed need to be up early in the morning.

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Dawn B. said...

Glad you was able to get this issue resolved and hope you get it fixed soon. Good bowling score.