Monday, October 6, 2008

I am slipping again.

Ok I was doing so well for a while about posting. Now I am slipping again. I have to make a better effort to post more often even if it is only to ramble like I am doing now.

Anyway I have been buy working on my Wren Song Designs. I have one where I just need to put the beads on. One where I need to wrap the bars and put the beads on. Two I need to cut, wrap and put beads on. Then the last two haven't even been started yet. Then I need to finish my bellpull for my class on the 18. I would also like to get an ornament done so that I can make a biscornu with it. I think I am really pushing my luck to get that all done in the next two weeks.

Tomorrow I have to go see the Cardiologist and then get the stuff ready for the fair this weekend. I have to take it out after I see my councellor on Thursday.

I am now almost 3 1/2 months arrhythmia free. I am so glad that I can do things with out worring about going out of rhythm all the time. Tomorrow I will find out what my bloodwork showed in September. Lets hope things are still where they are supposed to be. My only thing is I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop and I know when it does it will fall hard. Not looking forward to that.

Bowling has been interesting these last few weeks. Tonight again I had a really good night. I had a 169, 175 and a 210 for a 554 triple. This puts my average at 167. Way over my head to achieve every week. I like my last years average better of 149. At least I have brought it down some.

Anyway off to bed now.

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Karen said...

I've been slipping too, as far as normal routine...and stitching! I didn't pick up anything to stitch last night, and that's not like me.

Great news on your heart, Kathy!