Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rockton Fair Results

Ok so here are the photos and results of how I did at this fair. I am really question some of the comments and places that I received. I think I did make enough o have next years paid for otherwise I would not be entering again. O here is one of the two firsts I got. This is a Victoria Sampler learn how to do Hardanger pattern.

This is my other first. This piece did not place in the previous show (the only piece) I entered it in.

The saying goes as follows (I know it is hard to see).

My Mothers garden - like her heart

brought joy to each of us children.

Blessed to grow up,

within the shelter of her heart.

This was my only second place.

Here are my 4 thirds that I got. I was a little upset that my Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu got a third after taking 2 firsts. The rest I was rather pleased with . My Celtic Knot was a last minute substitute since I could not for the life of me frame the one I wanted to put in. My card has now taken 2 thirds and a second so that is pretty good.

These fourths were very upsetting. Especially since the stocking has taken a first and a second. Oh well better luck next year I guess.

The t-shirt took a first and a second as well and now a fourth. The one that took 1st place did not deserve it as there was not nearly enough work and it was not neatly done. I actually know the person who did it. I would be ashamed to enter some of the things she did.

So that was all of my things that placed here. I got 9 out of 16 ribbons which I am not to happy with. The judging here is really not the best so I will be very selective as to what I enter next year. I for got to pick one of my things up so I will do it next week. I don't think it placed either.

This is the stuff that did not place.

This is what I forgot to pick up.

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Debra said...

Congrats and thanks for all the pictures.
Debra in Indiana