Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bellpull update

Sorry no pics as of yet. I did finish the petite blanket stitch on the bellpull tonight and started the cutting. I got the bottom heart cut ans wrapped with the doves eyes in it. I cut the next set this will be for the double hemstitch. Hopefully tomorrow I will have more of a chance to work on it and get further up. Today we took a "friend" up to some of the wholesale store near the airport. She makes gift baskets so we went looking for reasonable things to put in them. Mom and I will go back in about a month to get what we want to use for our baskets we want to make up. I will make up two and I think she is making up 7.

Well I think my run of no arrhythmias is quickly coming to an end. My heart rate at the presnet time is 108. Why I don't know but hopefully when I go to sleep it will go back to normal and I won't have a problem. If no that means a trip to the ER and have the defibrilator paddles (crash cart) used to slow it down. This is if the pacemaker doesn't kick in. Maybe it will. My heart rate only needs to get to 130 before the pacemaker is supposed to kick in. But its track record is 20% effectiveness. I hope my heart rate doesn't end up around 196 to 210. That was never fun.

Anyway off to bed as we are going to go pick 2 bushels of apples in the morning.

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kaghos said...

that is soooooooooooo beautiful