Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy weekend

Well this past weekend was busy. We had Steven's birthday party on Saturday night. His birthday is actually today. He turn's 16. That was nice to have most of the family together.

Then on Sunday mom and I had a bowling tournament. It was the Triples round. My scores were not bad 159, 146, 164. They were good enough to help get my team to 3rd place. Only the top 2 teams move on but I would think any replacements would come from the 3rd place team. So I might still have a chance will just have to wait and see.

This is a WIP that I have on the go.

This is the Breast Cancer Biscornu that I am trying to do. I am finding it very difficult to do. I have ripped it out about 4 times now. Havign troubles counting to make sure it is right. I am determined to get it finished properly though.

This was take on Feb 16 by Mackenzie. She was sitting across the table from me at her birthday party. Not a very good picture I must admit but when the flash is only 2 feet from your face not much is a good picture. Oh well she liked it.

Well it is off to work on my evenlope and have a rest for bowling again tonight. Untill later.


Meari said...

Your WIPs look good, Kathy. I have a niece who's turning 16 on the 27th. They grow up so fast!! It seems like only yesterday I was looking through the glass at the first new member of the family. Now she's all grown and driving!!

Sandy P said...

Hi Kathy, It's great to hear your feeling a little better. Your bowling score is great! Your cancer biscornu is beautiful so far. Hugs to you, Sandy P.