Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wow two in one day

Ok so since most don't know why I am having surgery I will fill you all in. When I went to the hospital in January for a check up. I was given the good news that I had been arrhythmia free for 7 months. Everyone was quite pleased so we decided to leave things alone for now. I then went over to the pacer clinic and they said my battery needed to be replaced. Finally I have only been bugging them for 4 years to do it. So on February 19 it will be replaced. I will be taking my laptop with me so anyone who wants to chat I will be around. Yahoo IM is especially_4_kathy.

(We think the washer is a big play toy now!! HEHEHE)

Well I have been busy stitching with the help of my new aide.
]'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' (Lucy's contrabution to my blog). Please understand if some things don't make sense as my aide is laying on my lap sleeping right now. You know those tiny little paws are fast.

I have been able to finish off my little angels (may have already sold two) from Hanky Panky. I have only done 7 on blue aida.

Then I finished off the cross pattern from A Stitch In Time (Cherie sent me that in a Christmas exchange) complete with tassel.

I also did two blue patterns from Wrens Song Designs.

Plus my Pink Biscornu from JSC 2008 Christams Ornaments.

Here is a more up to date picture of my Hardanger Angel buy Karen Buller. This is really working up fast. If I get a chance to work on it tomorrow it might actually be done. If not Tuesday for sure.

Cute Lucy storey. The other night we were sitting in the living room eating hamburgs and cesear salad. Well Lucy decided she was going to check things out. She was at my plate a few times and I kept telling her no and pushing her away. Well I picked up my hamburg to take a bit and the little devil grabbed a piece of lettuce and ran away with it. Here is the lettuce flapping in her mouth as she ran. I caught her and the dog decided to come check out the comotion. Well I went to grab the lettuce from Lucy and she growled. Yes that is rright growled. She can growel better than the dog at times. Not sure who she was mad at me or the dog.

Mommy says I am not allowed on the table. How is this mommy? I am in the box on the table.

Watch out Gaby I am gonna get you.

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Debra said...

Cute pictures of your cat and your stitching is just beautiful.
Debra in Indiana