Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alot has gone on

As you can see from the title alot has happened since I last posted. My kitten is growing and being a real monster. She just turned 12 weeks old this week.

I am getting all the stuff together slowly for the hospital. Most wont be packed till Tuesday night.

I did buy a laptop so that I can stay in touch with all my stitching friends and pass the time away alot faster than normal. I go in on Wednesday February 18 have the surgery on the 19 and hopefully come home the same day. We shall see. That is IF they docs listen to me which probably wont happen.

I have been busy stitching and finishing off stuff. I did the other Pointsettia Biscornu from the JCS Christmas Ornaments 2008 issue. Which I have to take a picture of so I can post that. I also finished off 7 angels and 3 diamonds. I have been working on a hardanger Angel which has taken me about 2 weeksish. I am not quite finished yet but I have not been working steady on it. When I do work on it I accomplish quite a bit in one sitting. I am hoping to have that finished by tomorrow.

I think that is all for now. I think I will go stitch some more.

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