Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New finish

Ok so here is my latest finish. It was done about 90 minutes ago. The pictures are not the greatest. I still have to press it and frame it. Hopefully then you will see the picture better. I now have 3 more of these to do. Another one on white, one on blue fir and the last is on ruby wine.

Lucy is growing like a weed. She gained 2 pounds in one month (little piggy). She likes to sit and help me type. We are thinking of changing her name to Lucy-furr (not sure how to spell it properly) cat from hell. She can really be a monster one minute and the the sweetest little thing the next. Right now she is after my ice cream.

My surgery went well last week. I am slowly recovering. I have not really been doing much of anything this last week. Trying to take it esay.

Well off to read emails and head to bed.

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Debra said...

It looks great. Glad you are feeling good.