Friday, December 19, 2008

Two more finishes

Ok so it has been awhile since I have posted last. I seem to be starting alot of posts off this way lately. Anyway I digress. I have been busy kinda. Haven't been on the computer much lately cause I haven't felt like reading emails. First off here is a picture of our tree. For the first time ever we have a real tree.This was taken last week before the major snow storm today. We will attempt to bring it in the house tomrrow so we can decorate it.

That is providing I can find it under the snow drifts. As you can see it is not a very big tree. I think it is about 4 feet tall. I will try and take a picture of it before I dig it out. I will also try and get some picture of the amount of snow we have. We are expecting another storm on Saturday and one on Tuesday.

This is Mackenzies school picture for this year. I can't believe she is in Grade 1 now and will be 7 soon. It seems like just yesterday she was little. She is almost as tall as I am.

For one of my cross stitch groups we did a Christmas card exhange. The rules were you had to send a card to the person who was below you and $5 dollars worth of stitching stuff. Well Cherie got my name and this is what she sent to me. I got a magnetic paper pad (which my mother promplty stole), Lacy Cross Ornaments from A Stitch in Time. I have a few other of their charts. Plus a chart called Three's A Crowd by Diane Graebner, and two WDW Beachcomber and Ultarviolet (might just have to use that for another M Design). Thanks Cherie I just love the stuff.

I was kinda busy this week stitching. I did finish my one Poinsettia Biscornu from the JCS 2008 Ornie issue. The pictures are not the best. I will try and take some more. These were with my camera phone on my bed. I will try my camera on the black board I have they might turn out better then. I also finished the other biscornu that I was putting my hardanger diamond on as well. The first picture is the tops and then the bottoms are next.

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