Monday, November 10, 2008

Thread Exchange

Today I got my Thread and Needle exchange from CJ. The rules for this exchange were you must send you partner 2 cards of floss and a package of needles. This is what I recieved.

I can't wait to use the floss. I have an idea of what I will use the one for but I am not sure.

Well this past weekend was our first set of Craft Showes. The Saturday only was wasn't all that great. The biggest problem was it was a nursing home with locked doors so you had to punch in a code everytime you wanted to open a door. That is fine until you have your hands full of stuff to take in and out. Won't be doing that again next year.

The craft show that was Saturday and Sunday was a better one. This one we have been doing for about 7 years now. That will be a repeat again next year.

The show we have coming up is Saturday and we have been there for a number of years too. Hopefully it will be a good one again.

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CJ said...

Enjoy the floss and needles.