Friday, November 7, 2008

New Stash

Last night I did a silly thing. Well kinda. I showed my mom some hardanger Angel patterns and of course she loved them. So I said I think the Local Needlework Shop had them. I was wrong BUT she did pick out two more patterns for me to do.

This first one is a Cross N Patch pattern by Emie Bishop called the Christmas Star.

This one is the Heirloom Christmas Sampler buy The Victoria Sampler. This pattern has two different colour selections. The picture is in the pinks and roses the other one is reds. Both look very stunning.

There is still a third pattern that my mom wants to get for me to do. It is called The Unfinished Sampler by Cross N Patch. Another Emie Bishop pattern.
Tonight my mom and I took my niece over to the community college to their holiday craft show. They had lots to do. When we first went in there were dogs. A 9 month old Great Dane ( who was huge), 2 Shelties and a mix of Weiner dog and something else. Mac played some games and won ballots for the draw prizes. Then all of a sudden a bunny showed up so we had to go see that. Finally we got into the actual craft show. They had a passport that you visited different rooms in the college to see and get stamps and they had things to do and most places had something to drink or eat or both. I have a video of Mac holding either a lizard or a Gecko not sure which. The only problem is I can't get it to work or run so oh well. But we all had a good time. Mac wrote Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Day in Greek, planted a bulb in Holland, played Bocci in Italy.

Tomorrow is our first two craft shows for the year. I will be home late so I might now be able to post but will update all on Sunday after the shows.

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Beth said...

Good luck at the shows!