Sunday, April 6, 2008

What a weekend

Well this has been one rough weekend for me. My cold is dragging still. I am getting better but not fast enough. I spent Saturday morning in the ER cause I felt like I couldn't breath right. I felt like I wasn't getting air in my lungs. Every time I would fall asleep I would wake myself up afraid I was going to stop breathing. The ER doc gave me a Ventolin treatment to help me breath better which was great. Plus we found out that the beta blocker I am on for my arrhythmias comprimises the lungs. Well I have drasticly reduced my dose and am just waiting to call my EP tomorrow and see what he has to say.

In the mean time I did finish the biscornu that I was working on. This is with the dyed material I did and it is a San Man Original pattern. I think it looks pretty good. The saying is kinda hard to read. It says " a stitch a day keeps the grumpies away".

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