Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another finish

This was my quick finish for the weekend. It is one of the Mill Hill pin series. I have two more to do. I got them at The Needle's Art shop. They have a big sale on right now. I was so impressed with the floss that I got I put in another order for more floss and two more patterns. I got the Think Spring and Summer hopefully she will find Fall and Winter then I can make something with all 4 seasons.

My cold has nearly all gone. I am not coughing as bad as I was last week. I am going to start tomorrow and try upping my medication alittle bit and see how I do. Then if I can cope with that increase I will try and increase it again. But if I run into the same breathing problems again I know that the 15mgs a day is way too much for my system to handle and Toronto will have to rethink things.

Mom, Mac and I went to the garden center today to get some stuff for our gardens. We got some of the stuff for our veggie garden ( carrots, green and yellow beans, radishes, parsnips, beets) now I just have to buy the plants when it is warm enough. Plus we got some wildflower seeds, another seed mix, pansys, mimose, nursturums, snap dragons. Gusee who has ALOT of planting to do. That doesn't even begin to include the plants for my garden in the front. Should be fun.

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Meari said...

Your pin looks great, Kathy. Glad you're feeling better. Sounds like you'll be keeping yourself busy with gardening. :)