Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My New Stash and stuff

Today I got the rest of my stash that I bought from The Needle's Art. They have most of their stuff on for 40% off which with the Canadian dollar makes things a steal. What I received today (2 patterns, 2 buttons, 12 floss) would have been the same price as me buying the two patterns here.

These are the other 2 Mill Hill pins I got along with the Willow wings (butterfly/dragonfly) and some buttons.

Here is the fist pattern. It is Think Spring by Calico Cats. I love this pattern. Then next pattern is Summer Grace also by Calico Cats.

I would love to get my hands on the Fall and Winter patterns. I think they would look really nice as a Bell pull.

Here is my floss that I picked up. Most of it is Six Strand Sweets. The other floss is Olde Willow Stitchery. I think I will use the OWS Fireworks for the Summer pattern instead of Needle Necessities. And the Psychedlia for the Spring pattern.

Hopefully I will have the Santa pin done tomorrow (not much left to do on that one) and then I will start the Ducky. I will be glad when they are finished so that the beads can go away for awhile. I dumped the medicine cup with the beads in them three times tonight. I hate using beading needles.

I am feeling 95% better now. My cold is basically gone just a little cough but nothing like the last few weeks. Monday night I was actually able to bowl again and did really well (161, 212, 164) my average should go up again. We only have 4 weeks left of bowling. I am glad cause I want to get out in my garden. Speaking of I was out there today for awhile laying edging. Not the easiest task to do but I have some of the garden done (nearly 30') so that is good. I had to buy more edging but think I bought too much so that will have to go back. I don't mind as that means I can get more or more expensive plants. Speaking of I have to go to the nursery with in the next few days and pick up my rose bushes. They are not regular rose bushes. Once I get them I will have to post a picture of them since I can't find them on the net (can't remember what they are actually called).

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