Thursday, April 3, 2008

Getting there

WEll my cough is now really loose. I think I just pulled something in my back and side cause it hurts. My only concern now orther than this pulled what ever is the periodic shortness of breath. As long as that improves then we will be fine.

I have been busy today working on Needle Block by San Man Originals. This is the pattern I have chosen for the blue dyed material that I made. I am going to trun it into a biscornu. The front is over half done now. I should be able to finish the whole thing up tomorrow.

Well I am heading to bed now as I am tired.

1 comment:

Dawn B. said...

Maybe you should try some Musinex DM. BF sayies it works great. Hope you get to felling better soon. Looking forward to seeing the stitching on the dyed fabric.