Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A new addition to the family

Well here is Dino #2 nearly done. He just needs to be outlined then he is finished. 2 down and 2 more to go. I have to go buy some more floss before I can do the rest.Here is a picture of the 2 of the dino's together. Aren't the cute. I think so but I might be alittle bias. Well we have a new addition to the family. Today I bought Mackenzie a Betta fish. I got to pick him out. Now we just have to wait till she names it. I know it is not a great picture. I took it with my phone camera. I will try and get a better one once he has a name.

Well today was a rough day for me. I spent all morning at the hospital for tests. I had to have and Echocardiogram which was ok. That is usually a nap test. Today they had to call the cardiologist in to make sure they had all the information she wanted. That only makes three in 7 months. I don't have any info from that. I will get it in 2 weeks when I see the cardiologist. Then I got to have a nice Stress test. I hate having them done. That was hard my exercise capacity is way down over last year. Today I only did 4:23 where as last year I did 7:30 not good. So that was quick and it totally whiped me out. Then I got to have the Pulmonary Function Tests. Well they were modified because I am having a hard time breathing on the higher dose of my beta blocker. So we shall see what the results of all this is in 2 weeks. If I am not satisfied I will talk to the EP and see what he has to say.

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