Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Creative Sewing and Needle Work show.

Last week Friday mom and I went to the Creative Sewing and Needlework show. This is a show that alot of business come and sell there goods to the public. There were some cross stitch designers and some shops there. I did buy some stash which is pictured below. These first two patterns are Hardanger patterns. I think they are really neat. I have the blue ones that she made to I think they are called Nordic Blue.

This one mom saw. We thought that it was a great pattern to hang on to incase someone we know is expecting. It should be a quick and esay stitch for me to do up. This gives me a nice break from the sampler one I have been doing for a while.

This pattern was from Annette one CSF. She was doing some cleaning of her stash and offered this as a giveaway contest. I was the lucky one who won it. She was also so very kind to add a sken of floss in with the pattern too. I think it would be perfect for the boarder. Thank you very much Annette. I will have to do that up soon and send pictures.

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