Sunday, May 4, 2008


Here is Dino #3 done and what I did today on dino #4. Hopefully #4 will be done either tomorrow or Tuesday. Here is a pice of what I have finished so far. This has been a quick and easy project to stitch up. I finished 3 dino's in one week. Not too shabby. Like I said before hopefully this last one will be finished in the next day or so.

Well Wednesday last week I had a pile of tests at the hospital. They are just routine ones I have yearly and then more often if the need arises. Well the echocardiogram wasn't too bad. They had to call my cardiologist cause it was a new tech doing it and the one that knows me really well was busy. Then came the Stress (exercise) test. That didn't go so well. Last year I did 7:30 minutes or a little over 7 stages. This time I did 4:30 or just 4 stages right on. So there is a large drop there which is not great. Part of it is cause I haven't been able to exercsie for so long and part of it is my meds. Then I had the Pulmonary Function Test (PFTs or breathing tests) and they were modified cause the drugs they have me on for my arrhythmias is causing me lung problems. I find that I can't get enough air into my lungs and I am gasping for air. All this has started since we uped the dose in March. Well finally yesterday I droped the dose back to where I was not haveing problems. So time will tell. I have to go on the 13th of May and get the results from the Cardiologist (don't think she will be too happy) and then on the 22nd I go see the Electrophysiologsit.

Oh yes we now have a name for the newest family member. It is Bugs like Bugs Bunny but only Bugs cause you can't call a fish a bunny. My Niece is inthrawled with this stupid fish. She spent most of Thursday morning last week staring at Bugs and singing to him. She told him on Friday before she left for school that I was looking after him till she came back. That would have been ok but we had to do it in fish speak (blub, glub glub, blub, glub) or something like that. I don't speak fish.

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