Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy in garden

Well I have been busy in the garden. I will attach some pictures. They are not really great cause I took them with my camera phone. I will get some more as I do more. Today I took out a bush and some ornamental grass. That was hard especially since my hip is killing me. I will have a break from gardening this week as it is supposed to rain all most all week and then acouple of night we are supposed to have below zero temps. Have to get out there and cover everything up.

The top picture is the start of my garden from the driveway and the stairs going up to the front porch. The one on the side here is at the end of the stairs ( there is a bit missing in between). The black edging is what I have been putting in the last week. What a pain that was.

You can also see these pictures in my album with descriptions of what the plants are. There are some other pictres there too so I won't post them all here.

I am feeling better from being so sick. I increased my one drug again yesterday because I have a series of test on Wednesday and I want to see just how badly it comprimises lung function so that the Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist can decide what they are going to do. I can already feel that I am not getting enough air into my lungs but I want is documented in black and white (that way the cardiologist can't say anything). It will also be interesting to see what my heart rate sits at during the Echo and then how high I can get it during the stress test. I will post the results Wednesday night.

Well I have been busy stitching still. I finished a dino on a baby blanket that I am doing. I started him Thursday and finished today. He is the first of 4 check the post before this one for a pic. I started number 2 tonight as well. Should have him done maybe Wednesday. Well I am going to finish now so that I can buy some more stash (not like I need any more).

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