Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another week down

Well this has been a pretty productive week. Got another project done for the business. That makes 4 so far this month. Now I am going to work on an envlope. Hopefully that will be easy to do. I have a pattern coming in the mail soon I hope. I have decided that February will be the time to finish my Halloween Gameboard.

As far as arrhythmias go I have not been to bad since Tuesday. My "new" heart rate is rather low which I guess is good. I have now gone just over 1 week since being in the hospital with no real major issues. Of course dealing with me there are bumps and lumps along the way but nothing to big to deal with. So far it looks like this Ablation has greatly reduced the arrhythmias which is wonderful. It will be nice not to have to call Dr. Downar before I go see him in March.

Tuesday is the big day that I start back at the gym. It will be interesting to see what happens then. I have not done a proper workout since June 2006. I did modifyed ones up until May 2007 and very very limited ones in September 2007 but really nothing at all. I will not jump full force in on Tuesday but I am not going to take it too lightly then either. I have waited along time to be able to get back to "regular" exercise so I don't want too many issues the first day. Plus I want to go check out Gitta's Needlepoint shop afterwards. Also I have to see Martha on Wednesday and I wouldn't want her to make a special visit cause I was in the hospital because of doing something stupid.

Well one computer group I am on is doing Secret Valentine's. I signed up and am just waiting to see who my partner is so I can send them my present. It will be fun. I can't put up a pick cause that would spoil the suprise. One of the other groups I am on a couple of the kids are having birthdays (they remind me of my brother and I when we were younger) so I will send them birthday cards and a little something from the city. All this will go out in the mail Tuesday or Wednesday.

This was a finish from last week. Thought I had posted it earlier but see I didn't. So here it is.

Well that is all for tonight getting tired and heading to bed.

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