Monday, January 28, 2008

Another day

Well my rhythms seem to be fairly stable now. Still alittle slow but not any problems which is good.

I bowled tonight didn't do very well. The second game I couldn't get a strike or spare if I paid the pins all to fall over. It took everything I had to even break 100. Luckly the last game I redemed myself I got my average plus alittle bit. Not enough to make up for my triple but a little bit. Tomorrow I must start back at the gym. I need to work on lunges and my bisepts and trisepts inorder to keep my average where it is. Also cause I need to strengthen my arms and legs. Hell my whole body needs a good work out.

Well I have finished (almost) another project today just have to put the 10c in the stamp. I then get to make it into an envelope. I can't wait. Next I will start the baby envelope a blue one and a pink one. Have to go buy some beads to do them first. I will go to Golden Threads to get all that. Then on Thursday I will go out to Gitta's and see what patterns they have out there. I would like to get a few more different ones as well. I think they would sell pretty well.

I got my discharge report for the hospital from my Ablation. I also got the Ablation report from Dr. Downar. I wasn't too happy with part of what he said even though I know it is true. Here is the part that botherd me. " I am cautiously pleased with the acute results from the ablation, but have to accept the reality, which is that she almost certainly will present with a novel atrial tachycardia in the next few months or year. We just keep our fingers crossed and hope that this will be longer than sooner."

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