Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally a post

Here it is the middle of January and this is my first post. Things started out not bad for the year and then have gone down hill since then.

I had to have my baby put down one week ago today. He developed a very rapid progressing cancer in his face with possibly a tumor too. If I waited till this week to put him down his whole face would have been affected.

This is him in my garden 2 years ago. Rest in Peace Amber (my baby) 1995 - 2009

Needless to say life has been difficult for me since then. I have had time to work on my stitching. I have 4 new finishes and 6 WIPS at the momment.

Here is the whole piece of material that has the WIPS on it and my finished ones.

The first 2 here are by Wren Song Designs. The Pattern is called Bridal Roses. They will be cut out and hung with tassels on them. They are supposed to be diamonds not the squares they look like here.

Ok here are my other two finished. These are 4" angels. The Designer is Hankey Panky and the pattern is called Flying Angels (I think).

I used Hardanger material with DMC Pearl Cottons 8 and 12 sizes. The colours are white, ecru, and 778.

I have now been on my drug for my arrhythmias for 6 1/2 months (Jan 24 will be 7 months). The 20 of January will be 7 months that I have been arrhythmia free. I had to go to the pacemaker clinic today and they confirmed that I have not had an arrhythmia since June 20, 2008.

But the bad news is that my pacemaker battery needs replacing. From what I was told today it will be done in the next 6 to 8 weeks. I should know a date either the end of next week or the begining of the week after. I will definatly post a date when I get it. But I will post long before that.


Joy said...

Sorry about your baby. Your stitching is gorgeous...wish I could do hardanger. Keep us posted! Hugs!!

Debra said...

Sorry to hear about your baby. Your stitching is very pretty.
Debra in Indiana

Susancnw said...

SO sorry about your kitty. We're looking at it with one of our cattle dogs next week.sigh.

How long have you had your pacemaker? My 21 YO son has had his 5 years so we're wondering when it will have to be replaced.

Carol's Stitching said...

Sorry to hear about your kitty. Your hardanger is beautiful and I'm hoping to learn someday. :) Your stitching is really wonderful!