Saturday, April 19, 2008

Smoken now

I finished this Mill Hill pin yesterday and have about 1/4 of the Chicken A La Mode done. Should have that one finished tomorrow. That makes 15 projects in 16 weeks. My needle is looking a little worse for the wear though. I think it will break soon as it is quite warped.

Today mom, dad and I went to check out a Art and Artisan show. We thought it might be something we would apply for and sell out crafts at. Well basically all they had there was jewelery, paintings and wood. Oh and some sculptures. We decided that our stuff probably wouldn't go there and it was an expensive venture to try and not make the fee back.

When we came home I planted my Lenten Roses and did a little bit of clean up. I am trying to decide weather I will leave the Ninebark bush in or take it out and put some dasies or something like that in there. I am also considering taking out my grass on the far side and putting in some other stuff as well. I need to do something drastic to the garden as it is too flat. I have a few friends that I will ask if the want some of the plants I will be taking out. I will have to take some pictures of before, during and after Kathy's attack. I am going to get some Gerber Dasies to fill in the boring areas as they have lots of colour.

Obviously I am feeling better now. Last Thursday was the start of 4 weeks for this cold. I was told the other day they are calling it the 60 day cough. Well I have almost done 30 so only another 30 togo.

I will get to see how much the cold and my medication increase is affecting my lung function. A week from Wednesday I have an Echo, Stress Test and Pulomonary Function Tests. That will be a good indicator of what the meds are doing.

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