Monday, April 21, 2008

Garden is getting ready

Well again today I was out in the garden. I finished up putting in the edging. Boy what a chore that was. I have two boxes left and am seriously thinking about taking them back. I can get something different for the veggie garden and the back garden. I was replaning my garden and thinking about what will come out and what will stay. I have offered some plants to a few friends now I just have to wait and see what the verdict is. Tomorrow I am going to buy some Gerber Dasies and some Pansys to complete the first section of the garden. Then I need to remove a few things and add some dirt. Then I will be ready to put some other plants in the next section. This I am hoping to have done by the end of the week so that I finish cleaning up the largest part of the garden and do what needs to be done there too. These are pictures of my garden 2 years ago. Some of the better gardening I have done.

Ok here is another finish for me this year. I know you are all probably getting tired of hearing me say here is another finish. So I will just post them and not draw attention to the unless they are something. At the rate I am going I could have nearly 50 finishes this year. Wow then I would have to go buy even more stash than I already have.

I am feeling alot better these days. I didn't do too bad at bowling tonight 188, 176, 111. Ok the last game wasn't so hot. My average is 154 which is really good hence it was 116 when I started almost 8 years ago.

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Dawn B. said...

good looking garden you started and love the little quick stitch you did.