Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another day

Well I don't have Spring Planting done quite yet. Maybe tomorrow. I still have one bluebird, 3 butterflies, flower centers and the out lining left to do. I would have been done either yesterday or today but I feel like crap. I am coming down with a cold I think. I have this horrid cough which is bothering my arrhythmias (which is not good) and I ache all over. Hopefully this will be short lived.

Yesterday I bought the book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I have been listening to it on my MP3 player at the gym. It is a pretty decent book so far. I probably should read the book The Power of Now. Apparently that is kinda a prelude to this one. It really sums A New Earth up better. I am going to register on the net for A New Earth. It was one of Oparh's book club books. Martha suggested it to me.

Well I think it is time to register the book and then head to bed.

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