Monday, May 18, 2009

I have been busy stitching, gardening, playing with my niece and Lucy. Have had a busy month of doctor appointments. Tomorrow will be 3 months since I had my pacemaker replaced. I have been feeling pretty good. Working out at the gym twice a week and finished bowling last week. Guides will be winding down next week for the summer not soon enough. I had to go have my pacemaker read for the first time since it was changed. Well the good news is that I have had no episodes since June 20, 2008 ( that will be 11 months on Wednesday).

Here are some more of the little angels. I still have to put the bows, hangers and beads on them and then they are finished. The material was a gift from Beth.

This pattern was from a Just Cross Stitch Chirstmas Issue 2003 (I think). Not sure yet how to finish them off. Any suggestions??

This one is done in 3042 DMC 8 Perel cotton, Beads are Mill Hill Bugle 6mm #70123 and the seed beads are 02024.

This is the same pattern using Ecru DMC Perel cotton. These beads are Mill Hill bugle beads 72012 and seed beads are 02012.

And the last one is DMC Perel cotton 8 # 316. Mill hill beads are 02082 and 70123 .

Here are a few more diamonds that need hangers and tassels on them then they will be done.

Ok well Lucy has now decided what is hers is hers and what is Gaby's is Lucy's too. This originally was Gaby's bed and our old cat Amber would sleep in there if Gaby wasn't. But Gaby will curl up and go to sleep and Lucy decides that it is really big enough for the two of them. You be the judge.

Thought you might like to see what I have to contend with most of the time using the computes. This is part of the reason I have not been on quite as much. Kinda hard to see the screen through a cat.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,
You do wonderful embroideries, and your cat! I love!!!
I have 4 cats in my home too.
Please, can you tell me where can I buy the angel in hardanger?It's very beautiful!
thank you and excuse my english please
Marie from France

Meari said...

Kathy -- I'm glad to hear your health is doing really well. Your projects look great.