Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow I hate it

Have I said I hate snow. This is what snow we have gotten in the last month. We are supposed to be getting up to another 15 cm by Thursday. OH JOY OH JOY. Here we are looking at the backyard from the corner of the garage.

This pic is the snow piles down the side of our ever shrinking driveway. It was taken from the front of my car looking towards the street.

Here is a look at the garbage cans lined up against the garage.

I was able to finish 2 of the remaining 3 ornaments I had. This first one is of the Cross by A Stitch In Time. This pattern was my exchange present from Cherie.

Here is the first of the 4" angels. I have one more to do. Should be able to get it done tomorrow and start the last pannel for my biscornu.


Anonymous said...

You definitely have more than us, but then YOU are in Canada, right? I'm just tired of the cold and the snow and the cold and the snow and the cold...oh sorry I could go on forever here...yeah Spring will be very welcome once it arrives!

Frishawn said...

Your finishes look so pretty! Sorry about the snow. You're making me feel so guilty for living in Florida! Does all the snow mean that you have more finishes?